2016 Scroungers


The Ladies Triumph Again


Not since the days of 2004/2005 when Anne Carter held the trophy aloft has the Male dominance of Scroungers been so redirected as in 2015/2016 when Robyn White took all before her to claim the crown of King Queen Scrounger. Much to the delight of her cheer squad, dominated by Ladies of course.


After eliminating two Male opponents in a three way (one bowl) playoff in the semi-finals to advance to the final, she then took on Rod Connor and Bob Plater, one of our division one pennant players, to take the crown.


This might not be a good time to bring back the Men verses Ladies competition of a few years back. Especially as the Ladies are current Bowlers of the Year for the MDBL.




 Robyn showing off her Winners Medalion, solid gold of course!