World Cup 2016 - A Masters Success


The 2016 Masters World Cup in Canberra concluded on a high note with all Australian teams in the final medal count as they scooped medals in all nine of the age groups. Congratulations to all participants who contributed to the event and showcased 12 days of Masters Hockey to the world.

Women's Ov40: 
Gold: Australia, Silver: England, Bronze: New Zealand
Women's Ov45: Gold: Australia, Silver: New Zealand, Bronze: United States
Women's Ov50: Gold: Australia, Silver: Ireland, Bronze: New Zealand
Women's Ov55: Gold: New Zealand, Silver: England, Bronze: Australia
Women's Ov60: Gold: England, Silver: New Zealand, Bronze: Australia
Men's Ov40: Gold: Australia, Silver: England, Bronze: New Zealand
Men's Ov45: Gold: Australia, Silver: England, Bronze: New Zealand
Men's Ov50: Gold: England, Silver: Australia, Bronze: New Zealand
Men's Ov55: Gold: England, Silver: Australia, Bronze: Scotland

Women's Ov40:
AUS 4-1 England, grand final
Women's Ov45: AUS 1-1 (4-3 SO) New Zealand, grand final
Women's Ov50: AUS 3-2 Ireland, grand final
Women's Ov55: England 2-0 New Zealand, grand final
Women's Ov60: New Zealand 1-0 England, grand final
Men's Ov40: AUS 4-3 England, grand final
Men's Ov45: AUS 3-1 England, grand final
Men's Ov50: AUS 1-3 England, grand final
Men's Ov55: AUS 1-4 England, grand final

Women’s Ov40:
Lizzie Laird (Australia) – 7 goals
Women’s Ov45: Carolyn Tooby (New Zealand) – 8 goals
Women’s Ov50: Claire Wright (Australia), Cathy Walsh (Ireland) – 8 goals
Women’s Ov55: Pippa Bull (England) – 5 goals
Women’s Ov60: Jill Sheehan (Australia), Katherine Peri (New Zealand) – 5 goals
Men’s Ov40: Chris McCarthy (Australia) – 9 goals
Men’s Ov45: Grant Boyde (New Zealand) – 12 goals
Men’s Ov50: Andrew Batchelor (England) – 8 goals
Men’s Ov55: Noel Morrison (Australia) – 11 goals