Bowlers with Disabilities Carnival.


On the 2-3 Apr the Kadinya Bowling Club played host to the Multi-Disability WA State Championships. The competitors were either Visually Impaired, Interllectually Handicapped, Profoundly Deaf or Physically Disabled. Bowling arms, wheel chairs and walking sticks were prominent and for those who required them there were the Carers and Sign Language experts.
The event was officiated by WA Bowls Denise McMilan who is the Inclusive Practices and High Performance Coordinator and WA Bowls Senior Umpire Michael Gobel-Garratt. Both these Officials are to be commended by their forbearance they exhibited in running a difficult event.
The Halls Head Bowling Club is considering staging a like event involving mainly Clubs to the south of Perth but not excluding any Club who wish to participate, but initially concentrating on those who use a bowling arm. It is envisaged that it will possibly be a two day event consisting of a series of mixed Singles and Doubles. The criteria is to have as many on the green as possible as that should mean a greater Sponsorship to provide the prizes that would generate a greater attraction for the players. If it is found that during the organizing period that numbers are less than expected a sufficient time allowance should be available for the Club to consider expanding the event to include a wider range of disabled bowlers.
Our Peel visual impaired girl played very well and it was sheer bad luck that she became third but we wish her every piece of luck on her future trip to New Zealand.
The President of the Visual Impaired has exhibited interest in his members attending such an event, with an offer of a contribution of cash to help offset any extra expense and Pat from Peel is certainly interested.
Ted Bowman