Steele the Ones!


Just What you Need to Keep You Off The Streets.

Kerry & Graham Steele needed some sporting activity to keep themselves occupied.

At the time Ross De Grey, one of our members and volunteer on bingo night, invited Graham to come and play bowls. Another seed was sewn by Vicki and Neil Sarich while on the normal Northern winter excursions with the decision being made to try bowls on the September return. Ross should have got spotters fee because he got the application forms filled out. It is probably too late to claim now Ross.

The next step was with coach Harry Fields who got them pointed in the right direction and the enjoyment of the game started to happen. From here it was the normal path through Corporate Bowls then Scroungers then social bowls and finally pennants.

That is not bad from September 2014 to October 2015. Come forward three more months, Graham is playing in second division Saturday Pennants and third division Tuesday Pennants while Kerry is playing in second division Tuesday Pennants and I might add, on John Fowlers bingo roster for keeping track of the accounts. Graham will be playing in the Midweek Pennant Finals in his first season.

But that’s not all, husband and wife are now Club Novice Champions for the 2015 / 2016 season. To cap it off Kerry went on to win the Novice Singles at the Murray District League Ladies Championships. Perhaps Graham can join her in the upcoming Men's MDBL Championships.

Congratulations Kerry & Graham, you are a very welcome addition to the Club.

Steele the Ones!