2019 - IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: How to Register


Hi All

As you may be aware, Hockey SA have opened up the registration portal for WHC today.

This means everyone who is preparing to play this season must now complete their registration ASAP. 




You are required to register and pay your own insurance/Hockey SA component at the time of registration, rather the club administering the charge.

You can then pay the remaining fees directly to the club via EFT or over the bar. Best to touch base with the Treasurer for this, once we have received the registration via HSA individuals will be invoiced.

1. Click the supplied link above.

2. Enter details ensuring to use the same email address as last year.  Because it is a new platform you may have to re-activate ypour email address of change your password. If unsure of your username or password, please utilise the help guides available on the site.
3. Follow the prompts, the HSA components are mandatory and you will have to pay online with your credit card/paypal.
4. Because of this new link you only have to register once!!  You can pay via the registration process or you can choose to not pay this way and can utilise paying EFT or over the bar at the club. 

Dual club members will need to follow the Hockey SA Dual club process, the registration portal has information in the help guides for this process.

By following the steps above, it will allow you to only make the HSA payment now and pay the club directly for your club fees. If you do happen to pay the full HSA and Club component online this will then forfeit approximately 5% of your registration fee to IMG meaning less money for your club.

Don’t hesitate to message via Facebook directly if you need further assistance or email development@woodvillehockeyclub.com.au or membership@woodvillehockeyclub.com.au


Gary Boseley





Hockey SA Individual Registration



Players participating in a Hockey SA affiliated competition aged 8 years or younger as of 1 January 2019.


Players participating in a Hockey SA affiliated competition aged between 9 and 17 years as of 1 January 2019 and do not compete in a Senior competition.


All Junior players participating in a SENIOR Hockey SA affiliated competition under the age of 18 years as of 1 January 2019. 


Players participating in a Hockey SA affiliated competition aged 18 years or over as of 1 January 2019.

HOCKEY SA DUAL REGISTRATION - Additional Club registration   

This membership must only be chosen if you play with 2 or more clubs in a Hockey SA affiliated competition and have ALREADY purchased a 2019 Hockey SA Individual Registration Fee at another Club.


If you are a Hockey SA Panel umpire and DO NOT have a 2019 Hockey SA players registration type you must register with Hockey SA as an official.





WHC Senior Club membership as follows:


Standard Senior Membership 


Early Bird Senior membership (If paid in full before 20 April.)


Player Life Member                                      


Senior Goalkeeper (with own gear)          


Tertiary Student/Apprentice                        


Non playing member                                      


Social Member                                                





WHC Junior Club membership as follows:


Under 18                                                       


Under 18 goalkeeper(own gear)              


The following include match day fees in the junior competition. Should a junior player at this level play senior competition, match day fee applies.

Under 15


Under 13


Under 11


Under  9


Junior fees can be subsidised with a $100-00 school sport voucher. Conditions apply.

 Bank details are: 

Woodville Hockey Club

BSB: 065 152

ACC: 10155361

Email to treasurer@woodvillehockeyclub.com.au the details of you payment/bank transfer.