Corporate Bowls Success


The Corporate Bowls that has kept on growing.

Back in 2001 Committee Members Ron Arnold and Kevin Richards got six teams each and started what was to become an institution, the institution of Corporate Bowls at Halls Head Bowling Club.

Ron would do the Office side and Kevin would do the cooking and a lot of other things. Well unfortunately Ron joined another Club but thankfully Kevin is still with Halls Head and is still doing the cooking.

Kevin Richards, snag cooking expert


Not long after the start, three other very loyal and continuous workers in Greg Morris, Colin Francis and Evelyn Ehlers joined the party. All of whom are also still there.

In 2002 Allan Fisher joined our Club and took on the main organisation. Apart from making sure everything was ordered and organised, Allan had full charge of the greens outside and the microphone inside. He would ring up teams before the season and then take their money off them for wrong bias or a raffle bat after the game.

At around this time the catering department grew, the office had to have help and the drinks cart became one of the major parts of the scene.

Audrey Francis and Evelyn collected green fees and handing out score cards.

Bob Paul, Kevin, Darrell Bennett, Jack Harvey, Richard Roe and Bruce George cut onions and cooked bangers. Currently around 300 bangers (that is about three Bar-B-Que tops full) and 10 kilos of onions. Fortunately we now have a nice big Bar-B-Que but that was not the case a couple of years back. After the show it is a good time to bring in the fairies to clean-up but, as none of these people believe in fairies, the clean-up is part of the job.

Colin, Greg, Graham Norwell, Geoff Caldwell and Bill Wallace ran the drinks trolley. Once again, helping on the drinks trolley is not just doing four laps of the bowling greens. The ice has to be prepared, the trolleys have to be in good working order and then there is only one person to handle the money. This could only be Greg Morris, it has always been Greg Morris looking after our money. Probably one of the worst jobs of the trolley brigade is that of the runner. The runner’s job is to keep the customers happy with the dozens of different brands and flavours now available so you have to run back forth to replenish the trolleys.

‘Two for One’ (Geoff and Chris Webb) with Darrell Bennett help to keep the thirsty hordes refreshed at the bar.

Move forward a couple more years and as the help required grows, more volunteers stepped on board. Running Raffles and around the inside goes to Jan Dean, Margaret Hall and Leslie Moir, Rocket Rod Hooper got to help pull the trolleys, Brian Joyce joined the bar crew and John Parker helps out generally. Ian Thompson and John Fowler together with Pat Smythe took control of the Microphone when Allan was not able to be around.

Now take a look around on Corporate Bowls night, most of the above names are still there. MasterChef would have trouble getting a guernsey alongside the barby. Mind you there is normally always room in the onion peeling department to give Bruce a hand.

Unfortunately Allan Fisher has recently passed away, Graham Norwell is also not here either so the Club needed to pay tribute to this group of fantastic workers and hopefully we can show our appreciation to a group that has contributed around $150,000.00 into the coffers.

Of course as always there has been a great number of members who have helped and continue to help maintain this institution. Kevin started it and Kevin is still there, you would think he would know how to cook bangers after fifteen years. Greg, Colin and Evelyn were not far behind when the starting gun went and they are still there.

At this point we would like to welcome Neil and Jacki Henry into the team. Hopefully they will be able to stamp their own style into a very successful formula.

Last week, the last night of this season’s Corporate Bowls, we acknowledged the effort of those helpers that were there.

Good luck to you all and thank you from Halls Head Bowling. You are what helps to make this a good Club.