Results: Cycle Closet Time Trial Race 5

Another bumper field for a CYCLE CLOSET TT!  

Today the usual results brain trust team of Paula/Carla were without Paula (+ PC), so instead it became a four-mind logic exercise of TT timing with a new team of Kim/Carla hand scribbling times with the spreadsheet formula guru Michelle using a process of elimination with Gemma to calculate the results from all the gaps.  So if we have your time incorrect then sorry - please remember to write what number you raced with (and hence where you started!) on the sign on sheet, and pin your number so it can be read across the line.  If we don't know what number you rode and couldn't read it across the line either we have no chance! ;-) Email us if our logic failed us.

Thanks to the usuals Mark and Kel, Chris Mack (holder) and Will (commissaire) and the radio club for traffic marshaling services so early in the morning.

Tracey Green has again taken some pics of the TT, her album here.

Today's cover boy is PACC's Grant Allen who whipped around the course in 26:45!!

Spreadsheet of results has three tabs; by category; overall; and weather observations.

Early starters were punished with a stronger than usual early headwind, which had almost completely gone by the time the later starters were on their return legs.

Attachment:  20160207033800Cycle_Closet_TT_7Feb.xlsx