Friday 22nd Jan 6:30pm the Kings Head, 357 King William St, Adelaide.

FREE Event for spectators, or get your entry in $15 for handicapped roller racing.

Event is supported by Seight Custom Cycling Wear, Treadly Bike Shop and Wines by Geoff Hardy!

For everyone else - come along for a beer and don't forget your ticket for a door prize. FB event to indicate you're coming is here.

In popular city watering hole the King's Head (which serves only SA food, beer and wine) try to win the hallowed Rolling Pin.

Roller Frenzy is a social event based around bicycle roller racing. Two sets of rollers are connected to a mechanical dial. As the rollers are driven, the dial rotates – simulating a lap on the track. Head-to-head handicapped races and time trial events test everyone’s abilities and provide a great backdrop to a social night out with a bunch of bicycle nuts. Being a handicap - everyone has a chance to win! There are still prizes for fastest bloke and chick, so don't hold back...

What Bike can I ride in the Frenzy?

Ride whatever bike you like - singlespeed, fixie, road, MTB, BMX - whatever you got that has a front fork droupout. You don't need to know how to ride rollers as we use a fork stand. The only restrictions are on gearing. Juniors must ride their appropriate gear for their age group. Seniors (18+) cannot ride a gear bigger than 50:14 (96.46"). On a road bike that is 53:15. If you're on a road bike or MTB you pick an equivalent gear or less, and stick to it - no changing gears mid event. Cranks must be 165mm, or longer.