Results: 15/16 Focus CXtwiLITE Race 2 Not the Circus

OK well this wasn't really a dirt crit as advertised, it was more of an evil Neil Ross masterminded mulchy tech dust nightmare with an extra dollop of mulch, made extra techy by a bit of set-up crew map misinterpretation - that uphill mulch switchback was 'supposed' to be half up on the gravel road but hey it's all good practice, right?

The talk of the evening was 'that hill'. You know, the one near Sir Donald Bradman Drive on the side of the railway embankment. Just a downhill with a bit of a gentle right hand curve. With the ground cutting up and an ominous hole forming, the crowd gathered to watch people fixate and aim for the tree on the outside of the corner about half way down. And they weren't disappointed in the action they saw (no #actualcrossriders were hurt in the making of this race) 

We've again uploaded the results to global site CROSS RESULTS, and as we've worked out how to get the animations to work we'll be uploading those locally as well.  We suggest you login to Cross Results so you can see more and 'vote' on how fun/dry/technical/pedally etc the course was, because once a few people start doing that it will start profiling your strengths and weaknesses against other riders - as well as tell you who your nemeses are.

Apols to the B-Grade Women who we had out of order on the #imaginaryPACCPodium last night - results are corrected. And huge props to the set-up crew, it really does make the racing less stressful when we get a gret crew!

Use the #PACCCX on instagram/twitter/fb so your photos link back - and if you have a photo album you can also link that on Cross Results too! (Just #pacc gives us a lot of photos of curling. Yes, curling that sport on ice)

Photo Comp!!! Best PACC member photo capturing the dusty aftermath wins a pair of PACC socks. Tag #pacccx


CrossManager Animations: Coming!

Photo Links (got more? Email us):

Slider Pic: Paul King from Paul King Plumbing "Digging Trenches": #ilungcx #dusty #respiratoryailments

Main Pic: B-Grade CX Men on That Hill - Man down!