Results: 15/16 Focus CXtwiLITE Race 1 Zombie Park

When we said 'shorter, sweeter' and 'think dirty criteriums' to simplify the set-up and running of twightlight cross - we meant it.

A small but well-drilled (including Josh 'crasher' Smith with an actual hammer drill!) set up crew had the full course set up in under 55mins! Charles and Camilla drove past while course was being set up. They should have stopped for Trott Park sausage and Janine Paris muffin and got some of the CX vibe.

Deceptively tricky for a short course, there were plenty of traps to catch people out and some of the 'funnest features' in Oz were included including the whoopdedoos and the big dipper.

We had over 100 people pre-register, with a huge queue of people entering late - to the point the B-Grade Men's field was full and we ran out of race numbers.  We have reopened the SERIES ENTRIES - still great value, cheaper than entering the races individually and less stuffing around at sign on. Little Crossers are FREE to register and that also saves us time at sign on - great to see so many kids turn up too!

With huge fields which contained the fastest bloke in J-Blood Chris Jongewaard whipping around the course in just over 2:30, and fastest woman Terri 'Stink' Rhodes who elected to stretch herself A-Grade circulating in under 3mins, the lap timers were kept very busy!

From now on we will be uploading the results to the global site CROSS RESULTS, as well as hosting them locally (once we get the animations to work).  Over time on Cross Results you'll get some great data on head-to-head match ups, who is your greatest nemesis, and more.  That will only work if you actually spell your name correctly/legibly when you enter our events.  Use the tags #PACC and #PACCCX on instagram so your photos link back - and if you have a photo album you can also link that on Cross Results too!


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Photo Links (got more? Email us):

Slider Pic: The big women's B-Grade field takes off, with many enjoying their first CX race.

Video: Brett P's vitalstatistix and race on camera