Results: Sprint Wars 26 oct 15

The first round of the PACC Sprint Wars series on Monday night was the first chance the senior Sprinters had this season for some local Match Sprint practice at the Adelaide Superdrome.  Mixing it up with a few of the quicker U17 riders was a mix of experience and a few newer faces keen to see whether the Winter training had paid off and an opportunity to improve their track racing skills.

Holly Takos, after a successful tilt at the Oceania Track Championships in New Zealand recently, narrowly pipped Rikki Belder (by 0.04) to be the fastest Woman qualifier and Harrison Lodge improved on his Junior Sprint Wars qualifying time from two weeks ago, setting the fastest overall time of 10.62

With qualifying times in, the field was then split into 4 groups and each group had its own mini-Match Sprint competition, so that riders are racing against other riders of similar times, rather than by gender or age group.  This leads to some close, exciting racing, maximising the requirement for tactical nous and not just relying on pure top speed.

Harrison Lodge was going to have some stiffer competition compared to the Junior Sprint Wars event with names like Derek Radzikiewicz, Jai Angusthasawit and Tom Clarke in the A-grade mix.  It was Tom Clarke that made his way to the final against Lodge and things looked grim for Lodge when he dropped himself changing direction too quickly on the steepest part of the track.  However he was able to dust himself off and dominated the restart, easily accounting for Clarke. 

B-grade had the closest range of times in the group with only 0.3 separating the field and 0.1 separating the top four.  However it was Joel McWhinney from outside the top four that rode the smartest, taking care of relative newcomer Michael Demianyk in the final.

Again, it was reasonably close in the C-grade group with not a lot separating the field.  In this case though, it was the fastest two qualifiers meeting in the final – Lewis Walker on his U17 gearing defeating powerhouse Paul Fountas, rumoured to be riding a gear in the 120’s! (Editor: he said he was on 112")

An all PACC affair in the D-grade final saw Mick Young too quick for Kevin Hannaford.

Next Sprint Wars event is November 16 so we hope to see everyone out there again.

Thanks to the amazing PACC volunteer crew that run these events and acknowledgement must go to Race Director David Miller, Chief Commissaire Mark, commentator Graeme Zucker, sign-on with Mark Robinson, Clerk of Course Gemma Kernich, Track Marshal/Timekeeper Robbie Reid and the Timekeepers/Judges Carla Scragg and Phil Dixon.  Also a quick thanks to Michael Chaffey who helped setup.

Qualifying times below:
Peter Marrone 13.64
Maeve Moroney-Plouffe 13.58
Sue Ann Woodwiss 13.49
Kevin Hannaford 13.44
Emerson Nugent 13.29
Michael Young 13.24
Isabella Dashorst 12.84
Eli Egglestone 12.82
Michael Chaffey 12.76
Peter Szegedi 12.67
Tegan Meradith 12.66
Wayne Hogben 12.63
Paul Fountas 12.55
Lewis Walker 12.24
Liam Nolan 12.24
Simon Eglington 12.21
David Radzikiewicz 12.16
Joel McWhinney 12.05
Jarrad Drizners 11.99
Rikki Belder 11.97
Michael Demianyk 11.95
Holly Takos 11.94
Cooper Sayers 11.69
Ash Muir 11.61
Alistair Barr 11.44
Derek Radzikiewicz 11.09
James Brister 11.07
Tom Clarke 10.90
Jai Angsuthasawit 10.75
Harrison Lodge 10.62