Results: Champ Sys JUNIOR Sprint Wars

The inaugural PACC Junior Sprint Wars, brought to you by Champion Systems Australia was held last night at the Adelaide Superdrome.  Due to popular demand the club decided to run a Junior version of the Sprint Wars format, giving the chance for U13-U19 riders to get some Match Sprint practice leading up to State Championships in early January.

A fantastic field of 30 riders lined up for qualifying with many never having had a chance to set an official flying 200m time outside of the training environment.  Derek Radzikiewicz who usually features at the top end of the Open version of the Sprint Wars events, topped the time sheets, not quite getting into the 10’s with a respectable 11.07

With the qualifying times in, and after the race briefing, the riders were keen to get the Match Sprints underway and see who they would be up against in the first round.

The D-grade group had only 6 riders and due to the breakdown of the qualifying times, it was decided that PACC’s Oliver Wilson vs. Alec Johnson would be a best of 3 competition with the other 4 racing each other once to decide the two finalists.  After 3 very close rounds, Alec Johnson was 2-1 up but a bonus round saw Oliver tie it away at 2-all and there was a brief consideration from the organisers to make it go to the best of 5 but a well-earned draw seemed the best way to finish things.  In the D-grade final it was to be Edwardstown regulars Braydon Jones and Elliot Walker battling it out.  Earlier in the night Walker just beat Jones in their Round 3 match up, however this time Jones was too strong despite a great out of saddle effort in the finishing straight from Walker.

The C-grade final was an all PACC affair with two of PACC’s inaugural NJTS team members, Eli Egglestone and Louisa Green taking it to each other in the final.  Green had been showing some great Match Sprint tactics during the night to get through to the final but Egglestone was just too strong this time powering home for a comfortable win.

It was great to see a couple of riders come all the way down from the Riverland for the Junior Sprint Wars and Colby Jachmann made the most of it battling his way through the repechage to make the B-grade final against Liam Lawlor.  Lawlor was the fastest B-grade qualifier and already had a win against Jachmann earlier in the night so this time it seemed like Jachmann wanted to make it as short a sprint as possible.  Even at the bell, the sprint had not kicked off with Jachmann stalking Lawlor and it wasn’t until the back straight on the final lap they both jumped – like a 150m standing start effort!  With Jachmann forced to take the outside line, it was always going to be tough and Lawlor hung on for the win.

On paper it seemed like Derek Radzikiewicz would have an easy win over Harrison Lodge in the A-grade final with a 0.4 gap separating the two in qualifying.  However with both keen to have some fun and experiment with some alternate tactics (which is what Sprint Wars is all about) the final throw to the line came down to less than a wheels length, with Radzikiewiecz just doing enough to come past Lodge and take the win.

With the success of the event, there is sure to be more Junior Sprint Wars in the future!  Thanks again to the fantastic PACC volunteer crew that run these events and acknowledgement must go to Race Director David Miller, Chief Commissaire Paula Hollamby, Commissaire Will Lyon, Commissaire & commentator Mark Gregory, sign-on with Mark Robinson, Clerk of Course Gemma Kernich, Track Marshal Michael Wheeler and the Timekeepers/Judges Jenny Macpherson and Chris Spence.


PACC Junior Sprint Wars - 15 Dec 2014
F200 Qualifiers
Number Name Time
27 Oliver WILSON 16.69
30 Alec JOHNSON 16.39
28 Brailey JACHMANN 15.5
23 Alistair McMILLAN 15.4
29 Elliot  WALKER 15.03
25 Braydon JONES 14.8
20 Philip McINTOSH 14.78
19 Hannah OSBORN 14.7
31 Emerson NUGENT 14.69
26 Brayden CRUSH 14.09
18 Louisa GREEN 13.92
22 Mitchell BAILS 13.89
15 Olivia WHEELER 13.87
17 Eli EGGLESTONE 13.31
16 Lewis WALKER 13.29
13 Delilah RYAN 13.25
12 Mathew HOLLAND 13.05
21 Liam BENNETT 12.97
14 Jake SIBLEY 12.87
10 Colby JACHMANN 12.56
6 Fraser SMITH 12.29
9 Liam LAWLOR 12.23
5 William LITTLE 12.18
11 Alistair BARR 12.13
8 Jarrad DRIZNERS 11.95
3 Braden O'SHEA 11.91
4 Cooper SAYERS 11.89
7 James BRISTER 11.89
2 Harrison LODGE 11.41
1 Derek RADZIKIEWICZ 11.07
Round 1
winner defeated
D Grade
27 Oliver WILSON 17.86 30 Alec JOHNSON
29 Elliot  WALKER 15.45 28 Brailey JACHMANN
25 Braydon JONES 15.4 23 Alistair McMILLAN
C Grade
31 Emerson NUGENT 14.8 20 Philip McINTOSH
26 Brayden CRUSH 14.05 19 Hannah OSBORN
18 Louisa GREEN 13.58 15 Olivia WHEELER
17 Eli EGGLESTONE 13.55 22 Mitchell BAILS
B Grade
12 Mathew HOLLAND 13.65 16 Lewis WALKER
21 Liam BENNETT 13.45 13 Delilah RYAN
6 Fraser SMITH 12.7 14 Jake SIBLEY
9 Liam LAWLOR 13.39 10 Colby JACHMANN
A Grade
8 Jarrad DRIZNERS 12.75 5 William LITTLE
3 Braden O'SHEA 12.35 11 Alistair BARR
2 Harrison LODGE 12.82 4 Cooper SAYERS
Round 2
winner defeated
D Grade
30 Alec JOHNSON 21.6 27 Oliver WILSON
29 Elliot  WALKER 15.61 23 Alistair McMILLAN
25 Braydon JONES 15.27 28 Brailey JACHMANN
C Grade
18 Louisa GREEN 14.39 31 Emerson NUGENT
17 Eli EGGLESTONE 13.27 26 Brayden CRUSH
22 Mitchell BAILS 14.41
19 Hannah OSBORN
15 Olivia WHEELER
20 Philip McINTOSH
B Grade
6 Fraser SMITH 12.75 12 Mathew HOLLAND
9 Liam LAWLOR 12.69 21 Liam BENNETT
14 Jake SIBLEY 12.45
16 Lewis WALKER
13 Delilah RYAN
A Grade
2 Harrison LODGE 12.05 8 Jarrad DRIZNERS
1 Derek RADZIKIEWICZ 11.85 3 Braden O'SHEA
4 Cooper SAYERS 12.78
11 Alistair BARR
Round 3
winner defeated
D Grade
30 Alec JOHNSON 16.12 27 Oliver WILSON
29 Elliot  WALKER 15.37 25 Braydon JONES
23 Alistair McMILLAN 15.3 28 Brailey JACHMANN
C Grade
18 Louisa GREEN 13.75 22 Mitchell BAILS
17 Eli EGGLESTONE 13.3 19 Hannah OSBORN
26 Brayden CRUSH 13.6
15 Olivia WHEELER
31 Emerson NUGENT
20 Philip McINTOSH
B Grade
10 Colby JACHMANN 12.48 6 Fraser SMITH
9 Liam LAWLOR 12.6 14 Jake SIBLEY
21 Liam BENNETT 13.15
16 Lewis WALKER
13 Delilah RYAN
12 Mathew HOLLAND
A Grade
2 Harrison LODGE 13.92 7 James BRISTER
1 Derek RADZIKIEWICZ 12.16 4 Cooper SAYERS
3 Braden O'SHEA 12.39
11 Alistair BARR
Round 3 - Finals
winner defeated
D Grade
25 Braydon JONES 15.32 29 Elliot  WALKER
C Grade
17 Eli EGGLESTONE 13 18 Louisa GREEN
B Grade
9 Liam LAWLOR 15.74 10 Colby JACHMANN
A Grade
1 Derek RADZIKIEWICZ 11.84 2 Harrison LODGE