Results: FOCUS CXtwiLITE 2


Video c/ Sam Bruce. Full race results below for the FOCUS CXtwiLITE Race 2, held at Olives & Kitty Litter, City of Adelaide.

It's only the second time we have used this park, and here's one genuine review pulled straight from our facebook page:

"Thanks PACC good course tonight, nice & tight! Except for the kitty litter. You can leave the kitty litter behind the laundry door with steaming piles of cat turds next time." - Paul K

Thanks to everyone that makes these races come together: Focus Bikes AustraliaTrott Park Fencing Club and all the volunteers. Fantastic to see a good crowd roll up to help set up in record time at a busy time of year (set up = about 50mins!)  Special thanks to PT (Stand-in commissaire) and Carla for helping out with timing this evening, Janine on the sign on desk + others who helped with number calling and recording. Voi la same day results!

Photo Links (got more? Email us):


Excell File Full Results

Slider Pic: Birthday girl Kate Yancey looks like she's having fun

Main Pic: A-Grade Women's winner Terri 'Stink' Rhodes riding the kitty litter