Rider Info: Hector Fletcher & John Lockwood races

Thanks for entering the Hector Fletcher Road Races and John Lockwood Handicap races - if you haven't realised, the races are tomorrow! Here is the program of events and scroll down for the start list for each race.

Sign-on and presentations will be at the Mt Pleasant Oval clubrooms. Please remember to bring your current license as you will not be able to sign-on without it. 

We will be using the new transponder system recently purchased by Cycling SA. These are easily attached to your fork with a zip tie and will be provided to you when you sign on. You will need to return the transponder at the end of the race.

Junior riders and parents: Note that Junior A-grade will be starting approximately 16km back along the course at the Warren Hill Reservoir. Junior B-grade will start at the Mt Pleasant Oval, and Junior C-grade at Springton. Please make sure that you get there in time to sign-on and then make your way to the correct start location.

We may need some volunteers to assist with following or leading a race in a car- please let me know via email today if you are able to do this.

Note: sadly we will not have food and coffee available at the clubrooms this year. However, given that it is a Saturday there are several cafes in Mt Pleasant just a short ride or walk away that will be open and ready to feed you.

Look forward to seeing tomorrow!


Daniel Searson

Race Coordinator

Port Adelaide Cycling Club


Open Scratch Races
1 A Douglas Beddome
2 A Benjamin CHENEY Port Adelaide CC
3 A Karl EVANS Norwood CC
4 A Marc Freemantle Port Adelaide CC
5 A James HIGGINSON Sturt Holdfast Marion CC
6 A Lucien KEENE Norwood CC
7 A Jason Matulick Norwood CC
8 A ScoO MCPHEE Central Districts CC
9 A Callum PEARCE Norwood CC
10 A Joshua SMITH Port Adelaide CC
11 A Jonathan Stephens
12 A Peter VARRICCHIO Norwood CC
13 A Sam Young Norwood CC
20 B David ANDRIANI Norwood CC
21 B Dean BEVELANDER Norwood CC
22 B David CULLEN Norwood CC
23 B Tom DeGaris Norwood CC
25 B Ben Dickson Norwood CC
26 B Ethan EGGLESTONE Port Adelaide CC
27 B Tim HEDGER Norwood CC
28 B Andrew John Norwood CC
29 B Ian Maxwell Port Adelaide CC
30 B ScoO nolan Port Adelaide CC
31 B Pep Piscioneri Port Adelaide CC
32 B Ben Plush Port Adelaide CC
33 B Lachlan PRIDER Port Adelaide CC
34 B Tom SUTCLIFFE Mildura?Coomealla CC
35 B Michael Teniswood Norwood CC
36 B Thomas Wright Norwood CC
40 C Tom Baxter Norwood CC
41 C Albert Beauchamp Norwood CC
42 C Luke Betros Port Adelaide CC
43 C Thomas CASTOR Norwood CC
44 C Brendan CLEARY Carnegie Caulfield CC
45 C Hannah GEELAN Port Adelaide CC
46 C Keenan KUCHEL Norwood CC
47 C MacKenzie MANSELL Norwood CC
48 C Darren SEARLE Port Adelaide CC
49 C Nicholas Welch Port Adelaide CC
50 C Wenqi Zhang Port Adelaide CC
60 D craig beddome Kilkenny CC
61 D Don CLIFTON Port Adelaide CC
62 D Joanne EASSON Skinny LaOes Cycling Club
63 D Chloe MORAN Central Districts CC
64 D Chris ROGERS Norwood CC
65 D Sebasaan Salter
66 D Chrisana TENISWOOD Norwood CC
67 D Darren WEBB Port Adelaide CC
68 D Nichola Wilson Port Adelaide CC

John Lockwood Handicap
100 00.00.00 mathew franks Port Adelaide CC
101 00.00.00 Christopher GREEN Norwood CC
102 00.00.00 Alasdair MCLELLAN Port Adelaide CC
103 00.05.00 Michael Archer Norwood CC
104 00.05.00 Malcolm CLASOHM Whyalla CC
105 00.05.00 Patrick CUSTANCE Norwood CC
106 00.05.00 Peter DAVIS Port Adelaide CC
107 00.08.00 Peter GRIVELL Norwood CC
108 00.08.00 Marcus HOFER South Coast CC
109 00.08.00 Bryan MCINTYRE South Coast CC
110 00.08.00 Brenton Millard
111 00.08.00 Andrew MILLER Norwood CC
112 00.08.00 Jusan BESSELL Port Adelaide CC
113 00.11.00 Michele Bloffwitch Skinny LaOes Cycling Club
114 00.11.00 Don CLIFTON Port Adelaide CC
115 00.11.00 Bill DRODGE Norwood CC
116 00.11.00 Craig JONES Central Districts CC
117 00.11.00 Gemma KERNICH Port Adelaide CC
118 00.11.00 Barry POLLOCK Mildura?Coomealla CC
119 00.11.00 Carl PURCZEL Port Adelaide CC
120 00.14.00 Meriel CUSTANCE Skinny LaOes Cycling Club
121 00.14.00 Naima Dierson
122 00.14.00 BreO PULFORD Port Adelaide CC
123 00.14.00 David TICHY Kilkenny CC
124 00.18.00 Robert CANNON Port Adelaide CC
125 00.18.00 Virginia RICHES Port Adelaide CC
126 00.18.00 Lisa SMITH Port Adelaide CC
127 00.18.00 Stacey Quinn
128 00.18.00 Nichola Wilson Port Adelaide CC
129 00.20.00 Anthony BRENNAND Central Districts CC

 Junior Grades
70 A Alistair BARR Kilkenny CC
71 A Jarrad DRIZNERS Kilkenny CC
72 A Ausan Hutchesson Norwood CC
73 A Liam LAWLOR Norwood CC
74 A Liam NOLAN Port Adelaide CC
75 A BRADEN O'SHEA Central Districts CC
76 A Cooper SAYERS Central Districts CC
80 B Mitchell BAILS Kilkenny CC
81 B Eli EGGLESTONE Port Adelaide CC
82 B Maeve MORONEY?PLOUFFE Port Adelaide CC
83 B Dan TaOersall Norwood CC
84 B Lewis Walker
85 B Olivia Wheeler Port Adelaide CC
90 C Thomas HIGGINBOTTOM Kilkenny CC
91 C Braydon Jones Central Districts CC
92 C Aimee MORONEY?PLOUFFE Port Adelaide CC
93 C Tyson Slater Port Adelaide CC
94 C Elliott Walker

Attachment:  Race program