Results - PsychoPORTif II

Today's PsychoPORTif II was held under perfect conditions around the magnificent Bird in Hand winery.  With perfectly groomed 'Strade Bianca' white roads and enough 10% hills to keep riders honest, while providing some amazing scenery for those that had time to look around it was a great day out on the bike for those that avoided mechanicals (and even then, some that did puncture still enjoyed it).  It also provided a great warmup for one of the monuments of spring cycling de Ronde van Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders) held later the same day but half a world away over far more brutal pave and climbs!

So how did Australia's best domestic racers tackle this loop and why was it so hard to get a Strava KOM today?  How did you stack up against Australia's best over the same course over two years? See the Adelaide Tour Womens & Mens Stage 2 Highlights here.

See the Strava Segment here

All of Port Adelaide CC's events are 100% run by volunteers, special thanks to Lee-Anne Fleming, Mark Robinson, Gemma Kernich (sign on), Paula Hollamby, Mark Gregory, Tania Franson, Phil Dixon (Timing, results and team call up), Will Lyons and the ACRM crew (course and marshalling), everyone else from PACC that chipped in plus the crew from Trott Park Fencing Club (BBQ).  Special thanks to Bird in Hand for providing a fantastic base venue (many of you enjoyed a tasting and bottle of wine afterwards!), series sponsor Elbows Akimbo for neutral support on the day and Viv Bing's First Aid crew who didn't have much to do.

Riders were treated to a BBQ and coffee at the finish, with Bird in Hand's popular Gallery running out of milk by 11am (they went through 60L!).  Some riders kicked on well into the afternoon with cheese and wine sampler platters al fresco.

Teams and riders were riding for several awards, won by the following:

  • Cycle Chic (Team Award) -Always stylish in black, Bike Society with all 7 riders matching perfectly
  • Style Masters (Team Award) -Awarded to Looked great in matching kit, perfect echelon 'like a flock of birds'
  • Le Petit General (Individual Award) - Daniel Simons who kept his team together (Centrals Not So's) when his captain failed
  • Windbags (Individual Award) - whoever was the Team Captain of Team 10 (Bike Station Novice).  Who were you mystery Windbags?
  • Ce Cavalier (Individual Award) - Had to be Peter 'Chook' Tymukus (Tour de Legacy - MacDow 1) turning up ridiculously late but had enough time to say 'hi' to the timing tent as he rode off
  • Le Revolver (Individual Award) - Gun of the day was Katie Hannan (PACC Chicks on Speed) who flatted on the line (can't blame the gravel for that) and decided to chase her own team down, backwards(!) on the course
  • Best Performed Mens (SADB Cycling 1) , Womens (PACC Fat Bottom Girls) and Mixed (Rankin Raiders)

Only 5 seconds average lap time separated the top three teams on the day (SADB Cycling 1 averaged 30:27, 30:28 and Centrals Top Guns 30:32) with fastest lap of the day by Tour de Legacy - MacDow 1 (28:08). 

Both Red Deer Racing teams were unable to compete a single lap with each team apparently suffering serious mechanicals within the first lap, and Bike Society Girls were the only directionally-challenged team this outing, managing to get several kilometres off-course onto a miscellaneous gravel road before re-tracing their tracks to the course.  This excursion pales into insignificance when compared to the bunches of riders from the nearby Grand Slam event who got lost and found their way onto the PsychoPORTif course leading to great confusion on their behalf.

Teams and riders are reminded it's vital to remember to bring your current membership card (license) to sign-on at all events, and to ensure your team remains on the left side of the road at all times.  Both a valid membership and obeying basic road rules are necessary requirements of all Cycling SA events.

Results appended below, and some pics from Tina's Cycling Photos here

*results amended - apologies to Team #6 'Redline Cycling - The Green Train'* - they were finishers!

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