Another brand new Adelaide Park Lands venue, again something very different to any other park we have used before.  Potting mix. Miles of it.  Some loved, it, some hated it, but whichever camp you fell into everyone agreed the loose, deep sandy mulch that forms Park 6's horse bridle path was a new challenge, and hard slog. With landmine sections of horse poo. Either way, the evening provided some fast and furious racing, in an event racing against the setting sun!

Some great photos starting to appear (photos on this page from Tim Loft), email us if you have got an album to share and we'll add them here:

Tim Loft's Facebook Album

Our best attempt at full results is below, with Club President Mark Gregory filling in for a short-staffed timing tent in his Commissairing debut. If we have got you down wrong somewhere please let us know.  Some lap times for the first/second lap particularly are patched in the busy grades. Thanks especially to those who got off work early to help set up, and those who stayed till after dark to pack everything away.

Cyclo-cross Rule Tip: Did you know that the whistle/gun to indicate the start of the race can sound any time onwards from the 15sec warning?  Most of B-Grade didn't know this: "Highlight was seeing b grade do a deer in the headlights response to, an alledgedly weak, whistle start".

In between now and the PACC Pub Nite, where we will draw the fantastic Focus Mares AX for one lucky racer to win, perhaps have a look at the Australian Cyclo-cross Technical Regulations (rules) which we run our events under so you're ready for winter's CROSSFIRE CUP!?

Stay tuned for a FREE CX event next month 'Focus Freebie Blind Date Racing' which will be for sh$ts n' giggles, and sneak peek for winter: first 'serious' CX race for winter will be May 18, where we return to the FOREST OF DOOM as part of a massive event in Vic Park.


CX C and Open (Race animation)

CX-B Men and CX-A Women (Race Animation)

CX-A Men (Race Animation)

Full Results (Excell sheet)

Main photo:Rubbin's racing!  Kain 'rageman' Gardner being shown some 'love' from flanny-wearing Jason Morrison, while PACC Sponsor Bevan Jones from avoids the carnage.