Focus CXtwiLITE Race 3 Not the Circus

It was our first outing in the City of Adelaide Park 24 - Not the Circus (real name Tambawodli).

Using the continuation of the Zombie Park levy bank, and the many scrubby paths hidden away this was one of our 'loosest' courses to date with many riders caught out in the deep mulch and dust.  DNFs were high with a combination of Caltrop (3-cnr jacks), spikey mulch, deep former muddy but now rock solid wheel ruts as well as sharp rocks testing people's equipment with some riders reporting double punctures.  Not sure if it was because it was the first CXtwiLITE of 2014, the unexpected hot weather or people not able to find the park, but we had a record number of entrants and a record number of DNS's!

There's a nice video from Jack Hogan here which shows the hectic start in A-grade as they ride through the dust directly into the setting sun.

Also some great photos:

Photobomb by P'An-Tau

Matthias Pfeil

Got more photos? Send us the link to your album.

Our best attempt at full results is below, c- Will the Commissaire on this first gig on the results computer, swapping roles with Paula the Commissaire who was the starter a chief this time! Some results patched and some DNF'ed missed - if we have got you down wrong somewhere please let us know.


CX C and Open (Race animation)

CX-B Men and CX-A Women (Race Animation)

CX-A Men (Race Animation)

Full Results (Excell sheet)