Masters Hockey Panel Created. FIH announcing newly constituted Masters Hockey Panel


The International Hockey Federation (FIH) is delighted to announce the newly constituted FIH
Masters Hockey Panel. Chaired by FIH Executive Board member and former England Women’s Masters player, Sue
Catton, the panel brings together representatives from FIH, World Grand Masters Association (WGMA)
and International Masters Hockey Association (IMHA).

The panel has been set up to lead the worldwide development of international Masters hockey while
driving participation via FIH’s Continental Federations and National Associations. FIH President
Leandro Negre welcomed the initiative, commenting: “Inclusivity is one of FIH’s core values. The
ability to play our sport at any age or ability is central to hockey’s appeal. Working in
partnership with the WGMA and IMHA, we will encourage and support more National Associations to get
involved. The scale of the events that have been organised to date are incredible and we really are
excited to be able to support these better.”

Ben Rea, President of the IMHA, which oversees the 40+, 45+, 50+ and 55+ Masters hockey, said:
"IMHA welcomes this initiative from FIH which enables us to inform the international hockey family
about the great advances being made in Masters hockey for both men and women. We have already had
participation in our tournaments from over 25 countries across four continents and we now hope to
encourage all FIH's National Associations to take part, wherever in the world they are being held".

President of the WGMA, Peter Child, who is leading Masters hockey for the 60+, 65+, 70+ and 75+ age
groups added: "WGMA is delighted with the decision made by FIH to set up the FIH Masters Hockey
Panel, and we are certain that this will have a positive influence on the future development and
expansion of international Masters hockey. At our first meeting, many ideas for the future,
including standardisation of regulations and raising awareness of Masters hockey, were discussed.
We are confident that positive results, particularly in enlarging the international Masters hockey
family, will be clearly seen in the coming months and years."

More than 110 teams from 21 different National Associations have registered to take part in the
Masters Hockey World Cups to be staged in the Netherlands at the same time as the Rabobank Hockey
World Cup in June. With more than 2,000 participants, Masters World Cups will be battled out in
every age group including, for the first time, 60+ women and 75+ men.

Source: The International Hockey Federation (FIH)

The Australian Women's 50's team who competed at the European Masters Cup in Belfast 2013 are all smiles about the establishment of the FIH Masters Panel