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Port Adelaide CC is proud to host Round 1 of Cycling SA’s Cyclo-Sportif Series 2014.  This new course we hope will provide you with new challenges, including an unsealed road section and distracting scenery!  With the support of people from the Port Adelaide CC, Elbows Akimbo (sponsorship, coffee, neutral support), Trott Park Fencing Club (BBQ), Cycling SA and ACRM Gawler-Barossa Division (Traffic) we hope you all enjoy this event.

We wish to stress that Sportifs are not races. Risk-taking is unnecessary and unwelcome.  The event is not conducted on closed roads and not all corners will be marshalled. Teams are required to ride according to the road rules, that includes giving way and/or stopping when required, keeping left, riding no more than two abreast, riding single file when overtaking other riders, and signalling right-hand turns.  Please be courteous to other teams and traffic, for your own safety and the safety of others.

Please take the time to read the our important specific event information below:

Venue: Narine Oval, off Sydney Road, Nairne. LOT 6 Sydney Rd, Nairne SA 5252, Australia. Link: <,138.926881&aq=&sll=-34.916243,138.498209&sspn=0.032621,0.066047&vpsrc=0&t=h&ie=UTF8&z=17&iwloc=A>

Car parking: There is car parking within the cricket grounds, including around the oval. Please park on-site. When entering the main gates, follow the road that veers right behind the tennis club and practice pitches and turn right to access overflow car parking in a large grassed area.  DO NOT PARK ON SYDNEY ROAD OR ANYWHERE ON THE COURSE TO ASSIST RIDER SAFETY.

Toilets:  There is a toilet block at the cricket club.  There are two more public toilets within easy riding distance: Jeffrey Park, Cnr Jeffrey St and Main St, Nairne (1400m away) and Byethorn Park, on Woodside-Nairne Road, north of North Railway Tce (2700m away).  We shouldn’t have to say it – but please don’t urinate in public.

Sign-on: All riders must sign on.  Sign on will be open from 7:30am. Show your current CA license (or receipt if you haven’t got your card yet) to the smiling volunteers at the sign-on desk under the Port Adelaide CC tent, find your team on the start sheet and sign-on alongside your own name.  Each rider will collect their BBQ and drink ticket at sign on.  The first rider signing-on from each team will collect a pair of rider numbers.  They are to be pinned on the left flank and middle rear pockets.  Please return them afterwards!

Late Entries: Each team’s sign-on listing will have 9 lines for names, so if you haven’t got a full team of 9 and rope in extra riders as late entries, they can sign-on their name in one of your team’s blank spots and pay on the day ($30). 3-Ride Permits ($44) and Silver (Recreational - $88 for adult) and GOLD (Racing) memberships with Port Adelaide CC will be available for purchase on the day. 

Warm-up/Warm-down:  Please do not ride on the course after 8:30am. Please respect other teams and consider everyone’s safety, and don’t confuse our time-keepers by circulating near the start area.

Start Times:  Team Start Times are here.  It is the team’s responsibility to ensure they have all their riders present to the start line at least 1min prior to their start.  Teams will be leaving in numerical order (but don’t rely on the team in front of you knowing their start time as you may run late too!) When ready to start, assemble in the Oval’s driveway, your team will be called just prior to your time.  PACC’s big clock will help you keep an eye on the elapsed time. 

Neutral Support: Elbows Akimbo will have a marquee and stand set up adjacent the Port Adelaide CC sign-on tent.  They will be offering free coffee, energy drink and emergency bike servicing/repairs from their tent.  There is no neutral support out on course.  If one of your riders has a mechanical, your team has to fix it (safely off the road) to avoid a Team DNF, or arrange assistance for rider pick-up (Team DNF – we’ll still supply your time).  Carry ample water and food, phones, tools, tubes and even a spare tyre – whatever you think you need to ensure your team all finishes the event together.

First Aid: Two Sports Trainers will be at the event.  One will be out on course, the other located at the Start/Finish area and they are there to help if you need it.  If you see a rider who needs emergency medical assistance please don’t hesitate to call 000 ASAP.

Timing Each Lap:  Each time you pass the start/finish line it helps if the time keepers can see your rider wearing the numbers, by that rider positioning themselves where it’s easily read – the back and left of your group.  It also helps to arrange for your rider with the best lungs to clearly yell out your team number as you ride past.

The Course: Your team is expected to know the course. The event is not conducted on closed roads and not all turns and intersections will be marshalled. Teams are required to ride according to the road rules, that includes giving way and/or stopping when required, keeping left, riding no more than two abreast, riding single file when overtaking other riders, and signalling right-hand turns.  Please be courteous to other teams and traffic, for your own safety and the safety of others.  You can download the course in .gpx format into your Garmin or similar via the ‘Export this Course’ link from mapmyride: or a simplified turns/distance list is appended below.

Tips for riding on unsealed roads: For some of you this may the first time you have ridden a road bike on an unsealed road.  Keep a relaxed grip on the bars, and keep your head up.  Don’t just follow the wheel in front, give everyone in your team plenty of room to pick their own line. Be careful when turning, brake well before corners to take it nice and easy. Brake gently and evenly with both wheels.  Let the bike pick its own line through corners, especially if the surface is loose.  Punctures on unsealed roads come in two categories: pinch-flatting (hitting something with insufficient tyre pressure) or sidewall puncture (flinty stone through the sidewall). Be prepared by ensuring you have correct tyre pressure before the event, and carry a $5 note to fold-up and ‘boot’ the inside of a damaged tyre before putting in a new tube. Fatter tyres are best if you have a selection to choose from.

Post-ride: Use your food and drink tickets at the Trott Park Fencing Club BBQ, there will be vego/vegan options available too. We’ll recognise some teams’ and individuals’ achievements at the presentations at the conclusion of the event.  We’ve also got some great random draw prizes including two Elbows Akimbo vouchers, some Lezyne Tools and Torq Nutrition to give away.  The catch?  Have to be at the presentation to collect your prize...

Enjoy the ride – we’ll see you tomorrow!

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Team # Pos Team Name Last Name First Name Club Gender NOT PAID LICENSE
51 1 Nick Wood Fitness ALLEN Samuel Norwood CC Male    
51 2 Nick Wood Fitness ANDRIANI David Norwood CC Male   X
51 3 Nick Wood Fitness Barnes Michael Norwood CC Male    
51 4 Nick Wood Fitness BARNES     Male X  
51 5 Nick Wood Fitness SHAW Loz   Male X  
51 6 Nick Wood Fitness WILSON Ben   Male X  
51 7 Nick Wood Fitness WISHART Daniel   Male X  
51 8 Nick Wood Fitness WOOD Nicholas Port Adelaide CC Male    
51 9 Nick Wood Fitness WOOLFE Rick Port Adelaide CC Male    
52 1 Bike Society BEILBY Peter   Male    
52 2 Bike Society BURFITT Clint   Male    
52 3 Bike Society DENTON Michael   Male    
52 4 Bike Society DINAN Grant   Male    
52 5 Bike Society FUSS David   Male    
52 6 Bike Society GAGE Heath   Male    
52 7 Bike Society GEUE Andrew   Male    
52 8 Bike Society LANGLEY Tim   Male    
52 9 Bike Society SPRATT Jarrad   Male    
53 1 Tour de Legacy - Macdow 1 BEYER Peter   Male    
53 2 Tour de Legacy - Macdow 1 HALE Christopher   Male    
53 3 Tour de Legacy - Macdow 1 HOFER Marcus   Male    
53 4 Tour de Legacy - Macdow 1 MILLER Andy   Male    
53 5 Tour de Legacy - Macdow 1 PRINCIOTTO Carmen   Male    
53 6 Tour de Legacy - Macdow 1 SHORT Peter   Male    
53 7 Tour de Legacy - Macdow 1 STAUNTON Richard   Male    
53 8 Tour de Legacy - Macdow 2            
53 9 Tour de Legacy - Macdow 3            
54 1 Rankin Raiders Askew Nick Norwood CC Male    
54 2 Rankin Raiders KASPARIAN Jeffrey   Male    
54 3 Rankin Raiders OELCKERS Kerstin   Female    
54 4 Rankin Raiders Pearce Merridy Norwood CC Female    
54 5 Rankin Raiders QUINN Eugine   Male    
54 6 Rankin Raiders            
54 7 Rankin Raiders            
54 8 Rankin Raiders            
54 9 Rankin Raiders            
55 1 SeerSymChoon CATTONAR Jason Norwood CC Male    
55 2 SeerSymChoon demertzis dionisios Norwood CC Male    
55 3 SeerSymChoon GAUDIO Nicholas Norwood CC Male    
55 4 SeerSymChoon PLACE Gary Norwood CC Male    
55 5 SeerSymChoon RISCHMUELLER Thomas Norwood CC Male   X
55 6 SeerSymChoon SPARTALIS Theo Norwood CC Male    
55 7 SeerSymChoon            
55 8 SeerSymChoon            
55 9 SeerSymChoon            
56 1 Vegan Velo EVANS Karl Norwood CC Male    
56 2 Vegan Velo Holmes Alexander Norwood CC Male    
56 3 Vegan Velo PATERSON Reg Norwood CC Male    
56 4 Vegan Velo Rawlins Philip Norwood CC Male    
56 5 Vegan Velo Uellendahl Lars Port Adelaide CC Male    
56 6 Vegan Velo Ward Shane Port Adelaide CC Male    
56 7 Vegan Velo            
56 8 Vegan Velo            
56 9 Vegan Velo            
57 1 Red Deer Racing RED Cranwell Roger Port Adelaide CC Male    
57 2 Red Deer Racing RED Morris Jeffrey Port Adelaide CC Male    
57 3 Red Deer Racing RED MORRIS Steve Port Adelaide CC Male    
57 4 Red Deer Racing RED Rodgers Matthew Norwood CC Male    
57 5 Red Deer Racing RED Stevens Richard Norwood CC Male    
57 6 Red Deer Racing RED Wade James Norwood CC Male    
57 7 Red Deer Racing RED            
57 8 Red Deer Racing RED            
57 9 Red Deer Racing RED            
58 1 Bike Station A franks mathew Port Adelaide CC Male    
58 2 Bike Station A Gale Daniel Norwood CC Male    
58 3 Bike Station A Jewaskiewitz Brian Sturt Holdfast Marion CC Male    
58 4 Bike Station A Maxwell Ian Sturt Holdfast Marion CC Male    
58 5 Bike Station A Nobes Glenn Sturt Holdfast Marion CC Male    
58 6 Bike Station A            
58 7 Bike Station A SHAW Loz Norwood CC Male    
58 8 Bike Station A            
58 9 Bike Station A            
59 1 Lands Real Estate A

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