A wet few days in the lead up to the final CX race of the year meant variable conditions on what looked like a simple course on paper, but turned out to be quite tricky. Almost felt like winter! Special thanks to Manufacturing Jeweller Bevan from for providing the exceedingly handy cycling phone pouches for riders at sign-in, look out for a special sparkly random prize from him at Focus OZZYCROSS .  If you are looking for a special gift for a cycling enthusiast you can't go past some of his 'bling'.

We had our quickest set-down EVER for a race tonight, thanks to those riders, friends and family that stayed around pack up and attend presentations to cheer the riders who placed.  Hope you all have a great holiday period which involves lots of CXing.  Next event to enter is FOCUS OZZYCROSS, entries open NOW.

Anyway, here's the full results.  If there's an error, and you know what is wrong, let us know.

All Results (Excell Spreadsheet, check out each tab for results)

Event 1: Little Crossers (start list only)

Event 2: Open &, CX-C.  Race Animation  

Event 3: Women CX-A, Men CX-B. Race Animation     nb Women get 15sec headstart

Event 4: Men CX-A.  Race Animation    

A-Women's Jenny Macpherson being kept honest by PACC's Robert Tidswell and Sarah Holmes. Photo c/Lucy Barker