Sorry for the delayed results - had a few results issues! Hopefully the awesome video above (c- Sam Bruce) has kept you entertained in the meantime, with a long highlight reel including Lucy Barker ragging it on the course tape first lap, and David Miller losing his bike on the log as the cameraman hooked up his bars on and rode off with a luggage bike.

A MASSIVE field rolled up for the first summer series race at Zombie Park, with each rider getting their name in the jam jar to win the fantastic FOCUS MARES AX1.0 random draw prize. With a longer course possible due to having an excellent set-up crew available the 50 rider cap for B-Grade was removed and late entrants just kept adding their names to the sign on sheet until we ran out of numbers! Might have been one of the trickiest courses to date in terms of the surface which had a thick layer of dried mown grass which caught a lot of people out - the variable grip meant a lot of sliding out and getting up with a jersey and knicks full of hay.

Biggest women's A-Grade field to date too, with Tessa Manning, Kelly Robinson and Kara Turner stepping up from B-Grade Women, and the addition of interstate gun Jenny Macpherson rolling in to rAdelaide for summer to keep Sarah Holmes and Terri Rhodes honest, the field was national-class.

Thanks to Monza Imports for providing some great SRAM giveaways at the end of the presentations. As it turned out, with a depleted pack-down crew and failing light anyone that had bothered hanging around to cheer the winners got a grab at a prize.

A few notes regarding the results - please ensure you sign-on next to your name at the start. If you started, but DNF'd, let the timers know especially if you don't complete a lap. Pin your number on the correct way so it can be easily read and in the correct orientation while you are in the 'chewing-your-stem' riding position, not so it can be easily read while you are ordering a sausage and fizzy drink (Thanks Trott Park Fencing Club for the expanded BBQ menu!). Thanks also for Tom Freeman for trialling shoulder numbers in A-Grade men, we'll work on refining them.

Some of the second-half of A-Grade have had their results 'patched' for the second and third laps so don't get excited you didn't really do a 3min lap. And did we have a Zombie in Zombie park? Who was wearing rider number 164?

We've got a new version of results software to play with, so please check out both the animations with new race chart and excell results and let us know what you think! To honour the massive womens A-Grade field we have done combined grade results, as well as separated gender results. Little Crossers get an animation this time too!


Excel File - All Categories (see separate tabs for each race/category)

Event 1: Little Xers Race Animation

Event 2: Open (non-CX) and C-Grade. Race Animation

Event 3: A-Grade Women and B-Grade Men. Animation Combined. Animation Separate.

Event 4: A-Grade Men Race Animation