Summer Time Trials - Event 4

What a glorious morning for a Time Trial. 16 or 17 degrees. Clear skies. Only a slight breeze. Well, that was until you turned south towards Semaphore and then it was a different story. But that's an Outer Harbour TT for you.

Fifty entries signed up on the day with the Tandem's threatening to become the largest category of the event.

Check out (and purchase!) some pictures from the TT by Kerryn Holmesby Photography!

In a spooky twist, our fastest male and female riders were exactly one minute of the respective course records. Lucy Barker in 26:07 and Karl Evans in 22:31. Noriyuki Ta benefited from the TT bike, taking over three minutes of his time set in February.

The women's category was set to be a close one with Annabel Cox on her new bike. Unfortunately Gemma 'G Train' Kernich got a flat and ended up with a DNF next to her name. Marc Freemantle once again dominated the men's times, passing the line in 23:07, ahead of Rick Woolfe and Dave Tattersall. Deanone brought out the Purple People Eater and finished just in just over 26 minutes after doing the holding all morning.

The battle of the Latte's was won by Philippa Read ahead of her team mate Muriel Custance. Marky G PB'd in 27:35 - must be in holiday mode. Chris Spence was resplendant on his new CX bike - he assures us he rode on the dirt at every possible opportunity.

Non Aero
We had to check the tapes to see that Shaun O'Callaghan was in fact Non-Aero. He smashed over a minute off his February time to complete the course in 23:23, ahead of Jonathan Stephens. Natasha Caulfield got the edge over Kelly Robinson in the female category.

Juniors (U17)
A few names missing from the list following National Track Championships, but its great to see the numbers in this category growing - particularly as they are all keen to do the full course. James Higginson had the better of his fellow 15 year olds in Matt Ireland, Seb Perth and Che Thomas - completing the course in a flat 24 minutes. PACC's Olivia Wheeler completed in 34:14 ahead of Alison Double who had a bit of a wobbly start.

It was a rare and impressive sight this morning with Team Clipsal arriving on their tandems to take part in the TT. David Parsons / Mike Hoile were the quickest pair in 23:17, ahead of Keiren Modra piloted by John Zivanovic. The Green Machine responded to some TLC, enabling Madge and Sam to take third place. Kudos to Victoria Veitch who rode the course twice today as our first and last riders.

Once again, thanks to all the helpers today - Set up and Marshalling Chris Mack and Will Lyons, Time Keepers Masako Freemantle with Charlie and Owen Gregory, Dean Bottrill for handling, Darren Searle for sign on.

We hope to hold another TT on April 21st, prior to the state champs, but this is yet to be confirmed with CSA.

Results below....

Lucy Barker 0:26:07 40.204
Hannah Geelan 0:29:16 35.877

Karl Evans 0:22:31 46.632
Noriyuki Ta 0:23:20 45.000
Darren Searle 0:25:40 40.909
Daniel Symons 0:25:46 40.750
Michael Wheeler 0:25:54 40.541
Kevin Harnett 0:26:05 40.256
Jai Sutton 0:27:34 38.089

Female 35+
Annabel Cox 0:27:34 38.089
Kellie Hards 0:28:17 37.124
Gemma Kernich DNF

Male 35+
Marc Freemantle 0:23:07 45.422
Rick Woolfe 0:24:11 43.418
Jason Tattersall 0:24:55 42.140
Matt Tozer 0:25:11 41.694
Loz Shaw 0:25:20 41.447
Craig Feely 0:25:31 41.150
Nick Sharpley 0:25:36 41.016
Dean Bottrill 0:26:01 40.359

Female 50+
Philippa Read 0:27:11 38.627
Muriel Custance 0:29:00 36.207

Male 50+

Mark Gregory 0:27:35 38.066
Chris Spence 0:29:16 35.877
Dean Semmler 0:33:10 31.658

Female Non-Aero
Natasha Caulfield 0:32:24 32.407
Kelly Robinson 0:32:46 32.045

Male Non-Aero
Shaun O'Callaghan 0:23:23 44.904
Jonathan Stephens 0:25:19 41.475
Tim Mott 0:26:50 39.130
Alex Walker 0:27:20 38.415
Darren Webb 0:27:20 38.415

Female U17
Olivia Wheeler 0:34:14 30.672
Alison Double 0:37:02 28.353

Male U17
James Higginson 0:24:00 43.750
Matthew Ireland 0:27:23 38.344
Seb Pertl 0:27:43 37.883
Che Thomas 0:28:47 36.479
Connor Butterfield 0:28:59 36.228
Dan Tattersall 0:30:02 34.961
Isaac Nicholls 0:31:52 32.950
Oliver Wilson 0:39:03 26.889

Hand Cycle
Grant Allen 0:31:00 33.871

David Parsons / Mike Hoile 0:23:17 45.097
Keiran Modra / John Zivanovic 0:24:38 42.625
Margaret Shanafield / Sam England 0:24:49 42.310
Paul Murray / Beno Wootton 0:26:17 39.949
Mal Miller / Ben Henderson 0:27:15 38.532
Victoria Veitch / Neil Massey 0:27:42 37.906
Victoria Veitch / Holly Modra 0:30:56 33.944