Final FOCUS CXtwiLITE for 12/13



Well we've just made the 'publish results in the same day' benchmark for the final event for Summer, R3 of Focus CXtwiLITE.  With a few regulars from the CX crew unable to help today we thank everyone that stepped in at the last minute to enable us to hold the event tonight. Extra special thanks to Chris 'Bling' Spence for emergency commissairing, and David 'Beardy' Miller and Peter 'P-Diddy' Davis for being thrown in the deep end with timing and the results - not an easy task if you haven't done it before but they all seem to make sense?!

Great racing all 'round in perfect summer conditions, we'll have a break for a month or two before kicking off the winter season. 

We're sure there will be photos available from tonight (some already posted), have a look at Jason Milligan, Kerryn Holmesby and Smudge Monkees


Excel File - All Grades (see separate tabs for each race)  

Event 1: Little Crossers (three riders, see excel file above)

Event 2: Open (non-CX) and C-Grade.  Race Animation  

Event 3: CX A-Women, CX-B Men. Race Animation 

Event 4: CX-A Men.     Race Animation nb. First lap times are incorrect except for rider #50, but riders are shown in correct order.