Inaugural PACC Sprint Trophy

PACC’s inaugural Sprint Trophy was held on the 22nd Aug, with 24 top club sprinters being selected to battle it out against similarly ranked riders. With riders that included new devotees to the Sprint Gods, old seasoned Sprinters, State representatives and one who donned the Aussie skinsuit at the recent Worlds in Melbourne, the night was set to be a good test in Match Sprinting skills as well as pure speed!
Qualifying Flying 200s was the 1st event for all, to gain a seeding for the rest of the night’s racing:

In the Match Sprints that followed:
Rd 1
Group C
Farrell d. Chaffey (14.26 - Chaffey relegated for leaving the sprinter’s lane in the final 200m)
Bottrill d. Anderson (13.53)
McEvoy d. Dashorst (13.69)
D Radzikiewicz Snr d. Hogben (13.39)

Group B
McKirdy d. Hogan (13.85)
Takos d. Redmond (13.13)
McWhinney d. Szegedi (12.30)
Miller d. Rylance (12.48)

Group A
Wilsdon d. D Radzikiewicz Jnr (-)
Angsuthasawit d. Brown (11.96)
Constable d. A Radzikiewicz (11.78)
Glasspool d. Corrigan (11.43)

Group C
McEvoy d. Farrell (13.77)
D Radzikiewicz Snr d. Bottrill (13.46)
C Rep: 1st Hogben, 2nd Anderson

Group B
McWhinney d. McKirdy (12.65)
Miller d. Takos (13.76)
B Rep: 1st Szegedi, 2nd Rylance

Group A
Constable d. Wilsdon (11.79)
Glasspool d. Angsuthasawit (11.81)
A Rep 1st Radzikiewicz A, 2nd Corrigan (scratched due to Injury) Brown went through to semi

Group C
McEvoy d. Anderson (13.74)
Hogben d. D Radzikiewicz Snr (13.47)
C Rep: Dashorst, Farrell, Bottrill, Chaffey

Group B
McWhinney d. Rylance (12.72)
Miller d. Szegedi (13.29)
B Rep: Takos, Hogan, McKirdy, Redmond

Group A
Glasspool d. A Radzikiewicz (11.50)
Constable d. Brown (11.67)
A Rep: Angsuthasawit, Wilsdon, D Radzikiewicz

Final C
Hogben d. McEvoy (13.68)

Final B
Miller d. McWhinney (12.44)

Final A
Glasspool d. Constable (11.24)

Well done to all who participated, it’s great to see riders getting a good night of racing in their preferred skill.
Winners had a choice of a bottle of wine from Craneford Winery or a pair of 5Bling Gloves
The audience sweepstake winners received a voucher for a free bike service from Standish Hyde Park
(A) Pete Davis
(B) Darryl Smith
(C) Nicole Chaffey - but she owns a bike shop so was very generous to pass on to the 2nd place Sweep ticket in C-grade Paul King

A big thank you to Anna Meares who donated the trophy, the organisers (David and Lee-Anne), the volunteer judges (Kellie, Jane and Andrew), holders (Dallas, Paul), sign-on desk (Alan), commentator (Marky G), Clerk (Alex), Commissaire (Will), Kylie at CSA for printing off things last minute and to the Sprint Mums for the catering.

See you again soon for the next running of the Trophy!