Mandy Giblin in London

For those who were on the running scene 10-15 years ago, you'll remember Mandy Giblin.  She won a national 1500m title, went to world cross country and was on 'the scene' for many years.

Mandy then moved to the US, living in the running mecca region of Oregon.  After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she moved back to Hobart with her family where she recently returned to running and is now a board member of Athletics Tasmania. 

This is her story from the 2012 London Marathon.

Today I ran my 3rd marathon, but my 1st since my breast cancer diagnosis in 2009.

When I ran my last marathon in Portland, Oregon in the U.S. I was 32 and was getting back into running after the birth of my first child.

I was asked by my local running club if I wanted free entry into the marathon which was taking place in two weeks and thought that this was something that I could do, given that I was back running. I was still breast feeding and my husband ran the 2nd half of the marathon with my son Hugh in a jog stroller.

I was happy with my run and finished in 3 hours 35 minutes, which was a Boston Marathon qualifier time for my age group. I thought after that run that the Boston Marathon would be my next challenge.

A week after the marathon I found out that I was actually 7 weeks pregnant, so my daughter actually competed in her first marathon at 6 weeks gestation and was due on the weekend of Boston. Hence, I did not run the Boston Marathon. What I didn't find out until some time later was that the lump in my breast, which I had been told was "normal" during my pregnancy, was actually cancerous.

My daughter was born on April 20 and she turned 5 just 2 days ago. Happy Birthday Clare! The cancer however was not diagnosed until June 2009. Which brings me back to why I was running in London today.

I was running as a survivor, as someone who thought, she may never run again and yet I am back and today ran 10 minutes faster than I did in Portland more that 5 years ago.....after childbirth, breast feeding, diagnosis, surgery, lymphodeoma, Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Hormone Therapy.

I was in London raising funds for Running Pink, a charity raising funds for research and survivorship programs. I was also there to try to get back some of what I have lost.....and qualifying for Boston again today is part of my journey.

Editors note - Mandy finished in a time of 3hours 26minutes, with a half way split of 1:40.1