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  2012 Athletics Australia AWD Junior Championships  
Date: 10 Nov 2012

Location: AIS Stadium, Bruce

Contact: Scott Witham

Telephone: 03 8646 4550




Welcome to the Athletics Australia online registration system.

Entries for the Australian Athletes with a Disability Junior Championships, to be held the AIS Stadium, Bruce ACT, from Saturday 10th November to Sunday 11th November 2012 are now open.

Two ages groups – U20 and U16 will be offered at the championships this year, however standards have been lowered to that of the U18 and U14 level.

It is important to note the following considerations and reasons behind offering two age groups.

-  Last year a large number of events had to be cancelled due to entry numbers, this resulted in age groups combining in order for events to go ahead. By offering only two age groups it is intended that participation numbers will increase and a competitive competition will take place as entry standards have been lowered to U18 and U14 level.

- In 2012 each U20 and U16 event will proceed so long as there is at least one athlete entered. No event where there is an athlete entered will be cancelled.

- Implement weights appropriate to age will be used (e.g. a 13yr old will use the U14 implement weight, competing against a 15 yr old using a U16 implement weight).

- Only one set of medals will be offered for the two age groups (U20 and U16) in each event. A ribbon will be given to each athlete who finishes in fourth place and onward. For example a 14yr old may place 1st, 12yr old 2nd, 15yr old 3rd and 13yr old 4th in a U16 event, to which one set of medals will be given.

It has also been clarified that athletes must turn 12 in the year of competition in order to compete in the championships. Athletes can only enter 5 events MAXIMUM.

If qualified in 1 event, athletes may enter up to another 4 events unqualified. However, thier inclusion in the unqualified events is at the descretion of the Competitions Manager.

Please ensure you read fully the event information waiver section, which provides important details pertaining to the entry conditions, including the athlete declaration, before completing your online entry and payment - the waiver appears when you select to Register above.

Please note that all entries are subject to final approval from the Athletics Australia Competitions Manager.

ENTRIES CLOSE October 28th 2012 AT 12 MIDNIGHT


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