2016 Southern Metropolitan Region Track and Field Championships

We are looking forward to another successful Region Track and Field carnival on the 20th/21st February 2016.

Please click here for the timetable.

Following is some important information that you must be aware of:


2015/16 SMR Track and Field Parent Duty Roster - SATURDAY UPDATED

2015/16 SMR Track and Field Parent Duty Roster - SUNDAY UPDATED

Mentone Little Athletics has been allocated a large number of Key Official and General Duties role over the weekend. In registering for this event you have committed to completing a duty on each day your child competes, for each child you have registered.  Creating and managing the duty roster is a stressful and difficult task - your cooperation is appreciated.

Non-completion of duties will lead to a forfeit of your parent duty bond and in extreme cases may lead to your child being unable to compete in subsequent events such as the State Track and Field Championships. The scratching of these athletes will be at the discretion of the TM and Roster Co-ordinator.

Parents, please do not go straight to your duty and always only relieve a Mentone parent when starting your duty.  Please stay at your duty until you are relieved by a Mentone parent.

If you are unable to complete your duty at an allocated time, please try to find a replacement and do a swap, then notify our Team Managers.

You must wear closed-toe shoes - no thongs or sandals permitted - when completing your duty.

We have a few duties we have been unable to fill.  If you wish to volunteer for these we will count them toward your Duty Bond Refund or as a credit toward duties at State Track and Field.  Please contact mentone@lavic.com.au if you wish to help.


Please report to our Team Managers Alex Woods (0411 956 413) and Maddy Woods (0422 760 129) to check in on each day prior to your events, and 15 minutes prior to your duty.  Mentone Team Managers are responsible for any issues once athletes have entered the call room such as protests or rule infringements. 

Chest patches (with barcodes) are not required for this event.  Jetstar patches ARE required, see uniform section below.


Clash of events are identified by the Team Managers and will be submitted to the call room at the start of the day on behalf of the athlete.  If you believe there could be a clash please check at the Mentone tent that forms have been completed.

Athletes need to mention the clash when entering the call room.  An official will collect the athlete from one event and take them to the second event, then return them to the first event.  If you see other athletes being marshalled for the second event, and no one is there to collect you, then you should speak to the official at your first event.  Otherwise parents please call on of the Mentone Team Managers.


Please ensure that the correct uniform is worn with the Jetstar Badge sewn on.   We will have a limited number of spare badges available.   Chest Patches are not required Please remember that athletes must wear black shorts, with no logos or pockets. Please ask the Team Managers if you are unsure.  LAVic and SMR are very strict about uniform rules.


The Call Room will open 30 mins prior to the scheduled event start time. It is the parent and athletes responsibility to ensure that you allow plenty of time to check in, have your uniform checked, warm up and present to the call room. Unfortunately with approx. 100 athletes competing from Mentone, we will not be able to do this on your behalf. If you are completing an allocated duty and are therefore unable to monitor this, please approach the Team Managers for assistance.


If you are aware that an athlete is not competing in an event, please notify the Team Manager so they can be removed from the call room list. This saves the call room repeatedly calling the athlete, or calling the TM, and allows heats to be merged into finals if required.

Scratchings on the day will still require the parent to complete their allocated duty.


Please ensure that the athlete (and Adults completing duties) have access to water and hats. We promote sunsmart actions for the athletes and will have plenty of tents available for shade.

The Mentone tents are set up on level grass at the north end of the track.