Colgate Games

The Colgate Games are held over three days in the North Island and the South Island in January each year.  Each event attracts anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 young athletes aged from 7 to 14 years of age.

In 2020 are being held:

North Island Colgate Games:  Friday 10th to Sunday  12th January at Inglewood
South Island Colgate Games:  Friday  17th to Sunday  19th January at Christchurch

All information about the 2020 Colgate Games, including officials’ applications, meeting rules and conditions of entry are available at under the appropriate menu.

Anyone can attend the Colgate Games as long as they are a registered club member.  But you need to pre register to take part in either of these events. 

Please note that both the NI and SI events require many more officials, volunteers and runners. Parents and older siblings who are interested see the applications at these links:.

North Island: at

South Island: at

Payment info:

Could all payments for entry into the Colgate Games please be paid directly into the following bank account:


Olympic Harriers (Westpac)

Please clearly mark the payment as for the COLGATES NI OR COLGATES SI depending on which Games are attending.  In addition: Athletes Name - Surname and Initial/Name

eg;   Jack    Smith    Colgates NI