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Becoming a Member

Sherbrooke Archers offer two levels of membership.

Being a member of Sherbrooke Archers gives you access to club competitions, on demand coaching and social events.

It provides protection and safety by means of the National Insurance Policy.

It also allows you to compete in State Tournaments, State Championships and National Championships via the National Online Entry Form system. You can also visit other clubs, claim badges and a host of other benefits.

Have a read of our Joining the Club Booklet

Membership Benefits

The objective of Sherbrooke Archers is to provide a fun and safe environment for the conducting of archery as a sport and a pastime.

Joining the club as a Diamond Member will give you access to the shooting range when it suits you, 7 days a week*.

Membership gives you access to coaching starting with the basics through to the very advanced. Also includes bow tuning, field course training, etc.

Membership provides protection in the form of policies and procedures that are based around the Victorian Code of Conduct as well as a comprehensive insurance cover should something untoward happen.


*Please note that although the Diamond Membership does allow for 7 day access, occasionally there may be need to restrict access or close access to the club due needs such as Melbourne Water works, or days of total fire ban.

If this is required, an email will be sent out to inform you.

There may also be time where use of the club is restricted due to use for competition where parts of the field course, target range or both may be unavailable. These are limited and competitions and dates are advised on the calendar on our website.

Diamond Level

Annual Membership Fee $285 per adult and $190 per youth.

It offers 7 day a week access to the club*. Full Insurance coverage through Archery Australia.

Affiliation fees for Archery Australia and Archery Victoria.

You can participate in all club shoots and activities, in state and national events, visit other clubs, claim records, etc..(Some events have additional fees).