Senior Match Reports 2013/14

Division 2 Fourths - Premiers

Congratulations to Marc Heenan and his team. Going back to back premiers in the Division 2 Fourths.


Round 16

Fitzroy Thirds (13) defeated Springvale (3)

With our last home and away game before the finals we knew we couldn't lose 2nd spot on the ladder no matter what happened today, but that did stop us from tuning up for next week’s game.  Springvale have been a tough opponent for us over the years but we jumped out of the box and scored 5 in the 1st and held on to win 13-3. It was a nice warm up for us with next week looming.

Again Luke Bride started and threw 3 strong innings, giving up 2 hits on 49 pitches over 3 innings. Next was Dave Nolten who threw 2 innings and gave up all 3 runs - although he only gave up 2 hits. It was a good performance with the finals next week.

Hits & rbi () are:  Daniel Bebbre dbl  (1), Billy Wright 2 dbls, Gabe Turlea single (2), Marcin Niepostyn single (1),  Dave Nolten 2 dbls (1), Phillepe Aslanis single, Darcy Mills single (2), Luke Bride (1), Clint Xuereb (2).

I would also like to thank Marcin who scored for us today, as well as last week, (sorry about the late thank you), and also Luke Bride who finished off scoring after already pitching, thanks guys.

Next week we are at home in a knockout final against Malvern. See you there.

Tony Bullen

Round 15


Fitzroy Thirds (9) defeated St Kilda (6)

After having last week off we travelled to St. Kilda for a must win game as other teams close to us were playing each other. We started well but after 2 innings we were behind 5-3 due to some sloppy fielding. Luke started for us and threw 2 innings before Dave Nolten came on and threw 3 innings for the win which was 9-6. It was a tough game as The Saints only had 8 and had to have a blank which caught them out in 3 different innings being the 3rd out.

Hits & rbi () are:  Daniel Bebbre (3), Phillepe Aslanis single, dbl (1), Billy Wright 2 singles, dbl (3), Gabe Turlea single, Ron Von Feldon single (1), Luke Bride single (1), Dave Nolten  dbl, Clint Xuereb single.

Next week we play our last home and away game at home against Springvale.

Tony Bullen


Round 14

Fitzroy Thirds vs Williamstown

We were looking forward to redeeming ourselves after last week’s horror game, against a team vying for a spot in the 4. But Baseball Victoria said it was too hot to play and cancelled our game. We all played well.

Tony Bullen


Round 13


Fitzroy Thirds (2) defeated by Berwick (16)

After a good performance against Bonbeach last week, we headed to Berwick for what could have been a top spot play off situation. But alas our batts didn't fire, although our eye in the box was ok as we recorded 8 walks, but only 2 hits which were in our last inning. So with runners on 1st & 2nd and no one out, what did we do??????????????????? We hit into an unassisted triple play. That's right folks an unassisted triple play. Luke tried hard all day but wasn't his usual self, Darcy came on in relief and shut them down before Daniel Bebbre pitched the last. It also marked the senior debut of Daniel's younger brother Nick.

Hits & rbi are: Clint Xuereb single, Daniel Bebbre single, Philippe Aslanis (1), Darcy Mills (1). by the way the final score was 16-2.

See you next week at Home to Williamstown.

Tony Bullen

Round 12


Fitzroy Thirds (9) defeated Bonbeach (1)

Welcome back everyone to the 2nd half of our season, we returned home to play Bonbeach on a warm Sunday afternoon in front of our home crowd.

With Xmas holidays still about we had 10 players for the game in which Darcy Mills started for us and threw 5 strong innings, giving up 3 hits and striking out 3 also. We had 10 hits and received 4 walks along with 3 strikeouts. Their pitcher is one of the better ones we have faced this year.

It was a bit of a rusty performance but because of the heat last week, made it hard to blow out the cobwebs before we actually returned after the break.  We only made 1 error which was pleasing.

Hits & rbi () are: Daniel Bebre single, Bradley Synnot single, Bill Wright single, dbl, Tony Bullen single,  James Fuhrmann single, dbl (1). Gabe Turlea single (2), Ron Von Feldan dbl,  Darcy Mills single, Luke Bride (2).

I would like to thank Geoff Freeth for getting the ground ready, Mick Chambers for umpiring and Wendy Synnot for scoring, all 3 of you made my day a lot easier, so thanks again.

This week we travel to Berwick for 3.30pm start, so see you there at 2.15pm for 2.30 warm up.

Tony Bullen


Round 11

Fitzroy Thirds (22) defeated Bonbeach (1)

It was the last game before Xmas and we were sent to Bonbeach again, (nothing against the Bonbeach folk), for a 1pm game.

All season 'B Sharp' has wanted to pitch against them to rid his demons of 12 months ago, so I let him. It was an outstanding performance against them with Brad limiting them to 1 hit and 1 unearned run.

As a team we hit the ball really well as it shows with us scoring 22 runs, achieving 24 hits, 1 hpb and not 1 walk. Our fielding was excellent, but we did commit 3 errors, all by infielders and under no real pressure.

We also welcomed Warwick Purchase to our team for his 1st game in the 3rds, kid shows a bit.

Hits & RBIs () are: Daniel Bebre  4 singles, (2), Jimmy Furhmann 3 singles, (5), Darcy Mills 3 singles, (3), Dave Nolten 2 singles, (2) & our 1st 9-3 for the year, Warwick Purchase single (2), Brad Sharples 2 singles, dbl, triple, (yes a triple and his shirt didn't fly open), (2), Gabe Turlea 3 dbls, (6), Ron Von Feldon single 2 dbls, (1) and some excellent outfield work, (who for we aren't sure), Clint Xuereb triple.

It was a good all round performance. Special mention to Jimmy Furhmann, who for whatever reason wanted to catch, so he did and was very good. Also to Tim Synnot this week for scoring, not Wendy, she wanted to have a chat @ Cheltenham, again thanks again to Tim and Wendy for the stats I receive each week, much appreciated.

We now have 4 weeks off, see you in the new year 1st game back is on the 19th Jan, 3.30pm @ Merri Park against our friends from the south, Bonbeach.

Have a Merry Xmas & a safe New Year to everyone and we will see you at training (sic), 16th January 2014.

Tony Bullen


Fitzroy Sixths (27) defeated Footscray (8)

B-Team was looking to head in to the Christmas break with a win against Footscray and in doing do reverse the disappointing result from round 4.

James Hope was entrusted with the duties on the mound in his now annual visit to the sixths. He began well and was supported by some better fielding – despite this Footscray managed to post 2 runs.

B-Team then went whackety-whack-whack and posted a monster 12 runs – batting around for the first time for the year. There were hits and RBIs galore as a result of patience shown in the box and some good base running.

James shut Footscray down in the top of the second with B-Team scoring a further run to lead 13-2 coming in to the third.

B-Team added further 3 in the third and none in the fourth with Footscray edging closer scoring 3 of their own in both the third and fourth for game score of 16-8 in B-Team’s favour.

After shutting Footscray out in the top of the fifth, B-Team again went whackety-whack-whack and scored another 11 before the game was called. Joe added another home run to take his season tally to three, with Dean almost on track for an infield home run before the ball just rolled through the cones at right field.

Joe almost hit the cycle – it’s not often that a single is the missing score – with 3 doubles, a triple and a homer to post a monster 7 RBIs for the day and go 5 hits from 5 at bats. While nowhere near Joe in the power hitting stakes Dean scored 4 hits from 4 at bats, including 3 RBIs and a game high 5 runs. Darren Hill, enjoying a rest from pitching duties hit 4 RBIs. Both Shane and Liz were very patient at bat drawing a walk twice each, and once relieved of the pitching duties James put his name in the book with the last hit of the match. Brad White also looked much improved in the batter’s box drawing a walk and scoring 3 runs.

B-Team’s error count was a slightly higher 4 for the day, but they only cost a very respectable 2 unearned runs.

B-Team looks much different to the early rounds and has its eye on winning at least another two for the season. Well done to everyone for the improved batting, fielding and pitching that has been on display so far!

Special mention to Dutch for making it to the game as a spectator (via Meredith Music Festival) with hangover intact only marginally later than some of the starting lineup……

B-Team then headed to the Christmas party heads held high telling anyone who would listen about the spectacular result!


Hits: Brett Bennell 2, Dean Perry 4, Darren Hill 2, Joe Filardo 5 (1 triple, 1 home run), James Hope 1, Mitchell Hill 2, Curtis Hancock 1, Matt White 2.

RBIs: Shane Bennell 2, Brett Bennell 2, Dean Perry 3, Darren Hill 4, Joe Filardo 7, James Hope 1, Mitchell Hill 2, Curtis Hancock 3, Brad White 3.

Pitching: James Hope 5 inns, 5 Ks, 0 BB, 0 ER (WIN); Joe Filardo 5 inns, 5 Ks, 0 BB, 0 ER.

Dean Perry
on behalf of
Brett Bennell
6ths Manager

Round 10


Fitzroy Sixths (8) defeated by Essendon (9)

Normal names resumed when B-Team headed back to Essendon to again admire the planes overhead, with a whopping 12 players in the starting lineup and two more Hills warming the bench (Mitch deciding that scoring was a better option than playing as he had the sniffles).

Darren Hill was back as starting pitcher, throwing to Matt White (B-Team featuring no less than 5 potential pitchers in the 12 plus one ring-in on the bench).

B-Team began slowly with a couple of hangovers taking a while to wear off, posting a single run in each of the first and second innings, finding itself down 7-2 by the bottom of the third – with solid hitting by Dean, Darren and Joe keeping B-Team within striking distance; Dutch relieving Darren on the mound to begin the third.

B-Team then lifted in the top of the fourth, posting 3 more runs to trail 7-5 by the bottom of the fourth before Essendon rode their luck to post another two in the bottom of the fifth. (We all thought it was a third strike to get the third out too Dutch!).

B-Team then threw caution to the wind and posted 3 in the sixth before time ran out. On another day B-Team could have easily walked away with the points given some excellent (if sporadic) hitting, solid base running and a fielding effort producing only two errors (at least one of which was a wild pick off attempt).


Hits: Dean Perry 3, Darren Hill 2, James Comisky 1, Joe Filardo 2, Sean Condon 1, Curtis Hancock 1.

RBIs: Darren Hill 1, James Comisky 1, Joe Filardo 4, Sean Condon 1.

Pitching: Darren Hill 2 inns, 3 Ks, 1 BB, 2 ER; James Comisky 2 2/3 inns, 0 Ks; 5 BB, 6 ER, Jordan Hill 1/3 inns, 1 K, 0 BB, 0 ER.

Dean Perry
on behalf of
Brett Bennell
6ths Manager

Round 9


Fitzroy Thirds (10) defeated Malvern (8)

In this round we ventured out to Malvern to play against a side who had lost their only game for the year the week before, so we knew we were in for a battle.

After a scoreless 1st we managed to put up 3 in the 2nd and then shut Malvern down.  In a tight battle between the pitchers we again scored 3 in the 3rd to extend our lead to 6-0 with a 2nd pitcher on their hill.

Luke Bride was again fantastic on the hill but the 'evil error demons' raised their ugly head in the 4th. We should have shut them down and still led 6-0 but with Luke having to get 7 outs to complete the inning we were all tied at 6, all unlearned against him. With both teams being shut down in the following inning they players were told how much the owed Luke and responded by scoring 4 runs to take that lead into the last where Dave Nolten overcame a few early jitters to close it out and give us a 10-8 victory.

The man of the match was Darcy Mills at 1st base, with 2 big hits, Darcy drove in 4 and also stole a base to put a lot of pressure on the opposition.

It was a well-played match with respect shown by both teams to each other. We haven't seen the last of Malvern.

Hits & rbi () are: Daniel Bebre  triple, (1), Brad Sharples single, Jimmy Furhmann single, Gabe Tulea dbl, Ron Von Feldon single, Darcy Mills, single dbl, (4) & a stolen base, Dave Nolten triple (1).

I would like to thank Wendy Synnot for scoring again, much appreciated and Jnr. Synnot for coaching 1st base, 2 things I don't have to worry about, thanks again.

Next week we are at home to Werribee with a 3.30 start, see you there at 2.15pm and please remember the items you have to get for the xmas hamper.

Tony Bullen

Fitzroy Sixths (7) defeated by Doncaster (20)

Utter confusion reigned at the start of play with the re-nicknaming of B-Team – the batting line up read: Warney; Donger; Stevie; Domingo; KP; C-Dog; Tank; Mr C; Catcher; Runner and Kevin

C-Dog began on the mound and again pitched without a lot of luck, Doncaster scoring 4. B-Team began well getting runners on base. Stevie joined Tank on 1 AHR (almost home run) for the season following a straight hit over centre field that landed inches inside the cones. Unfortunately B-Team was only able to add a single run for the innings on the back of some good hitting.

C-Dog grew in confidence and pitched a scoreless second, supported by some good fielding.

Doncaster then looked to break the game open scoring 5 in the third – special mention to Stevie for taking a diving catch at centre field to get the much needed third out. B-Team was growing in confidence by this stage and would have none of that, replying with 6 runs on the back of 5 hits including Domingo clearing the cones to notch his second bomb of the season. Runner then shook of the concentration breaker of an incident similar to that of 1 February 1981 by lining a ball over second base to record her third hit of the season, batting in a run in the process.

From there Doncaster added another 2 in the fourth to lead 11-7 in a very close game at the bottom of the 4th before the wheels fell of the B-Team van and Doncaster scored 9 in the fifth.

The game was a patchy one with some good fielding efforts, but an error count of 7 allowed Doncaster too many easy runs. Next week B-Team will be looking to regroup at Plane-Field.

Special mention to Donger winning the meat tray for nearest the pin.


Hits: Warney 1, Donger 2, Stevie 2, Domingo 1 (1 home run),KP 1, Catcher 1, Runner 1.

RBIs: Donger 2, Domingo 3, KP 1, Runner 1.

Pitching: C-Dog 3 2/3 inns, 1 K, 5 BB; 8 ER, Domingo 1 2/3 inns, 3 Ks, 2 BB, 0 ER; Donger 2/3 inns, 0 Ks, 0 BB, 1 ER.

(Normal names will resume next week)

Dean Perry
on behalf of
Brett Bennell
6ths Manager


Fitzroy Thirds (18) defeated Port Melbourne (1)

On a warm windy day and an early start, (check the time Brad), we ventured out to Port Melb for a 1st hand look at their new digs. It has come up really well and was a treat to play on.

We started Luke Bride and all he did was get outs. His pitch % was at 53 but he only allowed 1 hit and 1 run, another stellar performance by him.

We only had 10 players and everyone contributed on the day. All of the 9 who went to the plate got at least 1 hit.

The best hit of the day was from Jimmy 'it was worth watching' Furhmann who hit the top of the fence at centerfield with the bases loaded, only to see it bounce back into play. A bit of hard running may have cost him, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Anyway the game was played in good spirits, even their Umpire, Alby, helped us with an out by stopping an absolute rocket of a line drive, only to see Luke throw out the runner at 1st.

Hits & rbi () are: Daniel Bebre single, triple, (1), Tony Bullen single (2), Jimmy Furhmann dbl, triple (5), Jordan Hill single, Marcin Niepostyn 2 singles, dbl (1), Ian 'Spike' Taylor single (2), Gabe Turlea dbl (2), Ron Von Feldon triple, (3), Clint Xureb single (1).

I would like to thank Bradley Synnot who came down to watch us and helped out by coaching 1st base all afternoon. He also found out during the week he has made the White team for the under 16 championships, good luck and congratulations there Jnr.

Also Went Synnot who scored again for us this week and a special mention to Judy Hill. Judy was kind enough to bring Riley's catching equipment to Port because Jordan had to catch because our catcher and his gear weren't even close to us, so thanks again Judy.

Also the spider who entertained the ladies in the scorers box.

1 last mention, Daniel Bebre was 1st & 2nd out in the 1 inning on Sunday. We haven't set his slab punishment, so if anyone has any thoughts on this, please do not hesitate to let me know.

This week we travel to Malvern who are currently 3rd on the ladder, it is a 3.30 game, Brad, so see you there at 2.15 for warm up.

Tony Bullen

Fitzroy Fifths defeated Sixths

The much hyped Battle of Merri Park began with both teams paying their respects to Eamon with a minute’s silence following the sudden passing of his father the day before.

Joe Filardo began on the mound for B-Team. Unfortunately Joe pitched without a lot of luck, giving up 7 earned runs in the first, none in the second and a further 4 in the third. Darren Hill then took over throwing 2 innings for 5 earned runs before Dutch pitched a scoreless innings and grabbed B-Team’s first K of the day.

Highlights in offense were few and far between, with B-Team only getting a total of 5 runners on base for the day (1 BB, 1 HPB, 2 hits) – with batters 9 to 12 only batting the once.

Special mention to Todd for sneakily moving the cones closer in the outfield between innings and hitting his ahem first ahem home ahem run since juniors. Of all the days to do it Todd…….


Hits: Darren Hill 1, Mitchell Hill 1, Sean Condon 1.

RBIs: Nil.

Pitching: Joe Filardo 3 inns, 0 Ks, 2 BB, 11 ER; Darren Hill 2 inns, 0 Ks, 0 BB, 5 ER; James Comisky 1 inn, 1 K, 1 BB, 0 ER.

Dean Perry
on behalf of
Brett Bennell
6ths Manager


Round 7


Thirds (8) defeated St Kilda (2)

This week under BV wisdom and restructuring of the fixture we again took on St. Kilda who we only played 2 weeks ago.

On a warm and windy day @ Merri Park we got off to a flyer, scoring 5 in the 1st and with Jordan Hill throwing really well we ended up winning 8-2. Our defence was really good although we did commit a couple of errors.

As I said before Jordan threw 6 strong innings giving up only 1 earned run, 3 bb, 1 hpb whilst striking out 7. Then in came 'Nighty Night' Nolten. Dave threw 6 pitches for his inning of work.

1 feature of our game this week was our attention to detail with receiving signals, Luke Bride layed down a sac in the 1st causing an error and a run scored. Dave Nolten stole a base on their lefty with an astute lead and jump.

Also a special thanks to Michael Chambers for umpiring, especially after scoring for Brett's team before, and the gracious Wendy Synnot for scoring and the stats.

Hits & rbi () are:

Luke Bride dbl, Jimmy Furhmann triple (1), Darcy Mills 2 singles, Dave Nolten 2 singles (2), Brad Sharples single (at last), Gabe Turlea dbl (1), Ron Von Feldon (1).

Next week we are at Port Melb for a 1pm Start, yes a 1pm start. See you there at 11.45 for warm-up.

Tony Bullen

Sixths (15) defeated Sunshine (2)

B-Team (almost all) arrived early on a beautiful spring day to take on fellow cellar dwellers Sunshine, hoping to continue its improving form and post its first win.

Joe “My Arm Needs Some Yellow” Filardo was entrusted with the start on the mound and made light work of the top of the Sunshine order, keeping them scoreless on the back of a textbook rundown play between second and third.

B-team started well with three runs in the first – a result of some disciplined and patient at-bats and some aggressive base running.

Joe “Watch Me Throw” continued to make light work of the Sunshine offense, adding two more scoreless innings in the second and the third.

In the middle of this solid defence B-Team posted its own monster innings of seven runs in the second, again with patient at-bats (James “The Russian” Comiskey with a match high two hits including three RBIs and a monster triple) and high quality base running (Dean “Run Forrest Run” Perry with three stolen bags for the day).

Sunshine managed two runs of their own (both unearned) in an innings that nearly had everything. B-Team nearly turned a triple from a return catch (or was it self defence your honour?) to Joey “Ouch That Hurt” on the mound before getting the force at one and narrowly missing the out at third.

B-Team then added another five to put the result beyond doubt at 15-2 before soaking up that winning feeling in a scoreless fifth. It was a great result for a team that has come a long way in seven weeks, with ONLY ONE ERROR for the day and outfielders not called on for most of the day.

Special mention to Joe for pitching a near flawless five complete innings (5 Ks and ZERO base on balls) including some clutch pitches when required. Credit also to Matt “I Have A Name Now” White for calling all the right pitches and helping Joey out.

Next week the “Battle Of Merri” sees a David and Goliath affair with B-Team taking on the might of the fives. Bring your A-Game boys or we might be swapping monikers! (YES, THE TRASH TALK HAS BEGUN).

Thanks also to Mick for scoring again and then helping out umpiring the late game.


  • Hits: Shane Bennell 1, Dean Perry 1, James Comisky 2, Joe Filardo 1, Matt White 1, Brett Bennell 1, Curtis Hancock 1.
  • RBIs: Shane Bennell 2, James Comisky 3, Joe Filardo 1, Matt White 2, Curtis Hancock 2.
  • Pitching: Joe Filardo 5 inns, 5 Ks, 0 BB, 0 ER (WIN).

Dean Perry
on behalf of
Brett Bennell
6ths Manager

Round 6

Thirds (8) defeated Springvale (3)

Round 6 took us out to Springvale to play the 'other' Lions of the competition. Springvale scored 2 in the 1st after shutting us down before we got on the board with a 2 out rbi dbl from Marcin.

In the top of the 3rd a horrific collision between Springvale's centerfielder and right fielder ended with their right fielder sustaining a broken leg. The game was held up for 30 mins and upon resumption, Luke Bride shut them down before our bats broke it open scoring 6 to take a 7-2 lead.

Luke continued to pitch really well with us scoring 2 more and allowing 1 in the bottom of the 5th to win 8-3. Our fielding was a little better although we did allow 2 of their 3 runs to be unearned.

Hits & rbi () are as follows: Daniel Bebre 2 singles (3), Jordan Hill single, Darcy Mills 2 singles, Marcin Niepostyn single, dbl, (1), Dean Sharples single, dbl (2), Gabe Turlea dbl (1).

As I have already stated Luke Bride threw really well, walking 3 and striking out 3 and allowing only 1 earned run, a really great job.

Thanks again to Wendy Synnot for scoring and doing our stats, much appreciated.

This week there has been a fixture change and we are AT HOME to St.Kilda with a 3.30pm start, see you there at 2.15pm for warm up.

Tony Bullen

Sixths (11) defeated by Research-A (14)

B-Team travelled to its home away from home underneath the flight path in Essendon after a scheduling mix up to take on the undefeated Research A.

Research began with a single run off Darren “Up” Hill in the first, with B-Team’s defence coming to the fore, with much improved ground fielding and catching.

B-Team then posted a whopping five runs of its own in the first from a combination of good hitting and good base running. Of special interest was Mitch “Bang Bang” Hill being cruelly denied his first home run after a very close call was awarded as a double.

Research then slowly began to peg back the lead, by the bottom of the third B-Team held a slender 11-9 lead. Unfortunately Curtis “John” Hancock wasn’t able to keep Research quiet and the visitors went ahead by three at the top of the fourth.

B-Team went into bat full of confidence to try and peg back the lead with the top of the order up but a pitching change by Research saw B-Team quickly back in the field after an innings to forget.

Joe “Watch Me Throw” Filardo kept Research scoreless in the fifth, but again B-Team wasn’t able to get any runners on base with another quick innings.

Special mentions to Darren “Bang Bang Bang” Hill for two hits and three RBIs, and for Joe “I Don’t Throw Slow” Filardo throwing a scoreless 1 1/3 innings to close. Most importantly, B-Team only allowed three errors in five innings and all but one run was earned.

B-Team is looking forward to taking this form into next week’s Bryce Gibbs Cup against the 0-6 Sunshine team.


  • Hits: Dean Perry 1, Darren Hill 2, Joe Filardo 1, Mitch Hill 1, Brad White 1.
  • RBIs: Dean Perry 1, Darren Hill 3, Joe Filardo 1, Mitch Hill 2, Brad White 1.
  • Pitching: Darren Hill 2 inns, 1 K, 0 BB, 3 ER; Curtis Hancock 1 2/3 inns, 2 Ks, 5 BB, 10 ER; Joe Filardo 1 1/3 inns, 1 K, 1 BB, 0 ER.

Dean Perry
on behalf of
Brett Bennell
6ths Manager

Round 5


Thirds (21) defeated St Kilda (8)

This week we hosted St. Kilda, who like us were sitting @ 3-1.

After a leadoff single Riley Hill gunned out that runner to put a hold on that idea, Darcy Mills along with Jimmy Furhmann & Brad Sharples completed a 1-6-3 double play to keep a clean sheet before we opened up with 2 in the bottom of that inning.

We then gave up 1 run before exploding with 8 in the bottom of the 2nd to make it 10-1. But alas our worst nightmare reared its ugly head as we conceded 7 runs, all unearned as the Saints closed it to 10-8. But we responded with another 7 in the bottom of the 3rd and 4 more in the 4th to close it out 21-8.

Darcy threw really well but ran out of gas after 3 before Dave Nolten threw the last 2 innings, striking out 4.

We had a good day with the bat collecting 12 hits, 8 walks and 2 hpb. Billy Trovato had a great day with 5 rbi and 1 black eye to their 3rd baseman.

Hits & rbi () are: Dean Sharples 2 singles, dbl, (2), Jimmy Furhmann single, dbl (2), Ron Von Feldon single, Billy Trovato single, dbl (5), Dave Nolten 2 singles (1), Riley Hill 2 singles (2), Brad Sharples (1), Connor Whitfield (3).

I would like to thank Todd Robinson for umpiring our game and Wendy Synnot for scoring, much appreciated.

This week we are at Springvale starting at 3.30pm. See you there at 2.15 for warm up.

Tony Bullen

Sixths (2) defeated by Research B (18)

B-Team broke with its usual routine and headed to Glenauburn Park for a Saturday morning game to take on Research B. Unfortunately a few team members (who shall remain nameless) chose to continue with their usual Saturday morning routine of a sleep in and a leisurely breakfast – as a result we started with 7 players (borrowing an outfielder from Research for our first time in the field).

B-Team struggled early in offense, going scoreless in the first and the second. Brett “I might have to do everything this week” Bennell began on the mound and went for a tidy three runs in the first.

We were soon joined by James “Wakey Wakey” Comiskey and Brad “What time does the bus arrive” White, followed shortly thereafter by Jonathan “Sleepy Sleepy” Higgins.

The now customary bad innings came in the second with B-team giving up a further nine runs to be down 12-0 by the bottom of the second.

B-Team then got its first run on the board with Brad “Hitman” White scoring from a Dean Perry RBI.

Joe “I can pitch as well as hit” Filardo then jumped on the mound for his first outing as a pitcher, giving up a very respectable two runs in the third.

B-Team scored its second and final run in the fourth with the Bennell father-son combination of Shane batting in Brett.

Joe “This isn’t that hard” Filardo then pitches a scoreless fourth before tiring a bit to give up four in the fifth in what was a very accomplished performance first time up.

Despite the scoreline, B-Team managed to record just 5 errors for the day and only a solitary unearned run.


  • Hits: Dean Perry 2, Liz Butterfield 1, Shane Bennell 1.
  • RBIs: Dean Perry 1, Shane Bennell 1.
  • Pitching: Brett Bennell 2 inns, 1 K, 4 BB, 11 ER; Joe Filardo 3 inns, 2 Ks, 1 BB, 4 ER.

Dean Perry
on behalf of
Brett Bennell
6ths Manager


Thirds (12) defeated Williamstown (7)

On Sunday we visited the windy ground of Williamstown, (I have never been there on a still day) to take on their development squad. We got off to a good start by scoring 2 in the 1st before Daniel "nuk nuk" Bebbre made his pitching debt for the Lions. Daniel threw really well locating his fastball but had a little trouble with other pitches, gives us something to work on.

After being kept scoreless in the 2nd, we broke out with a 5 run 3rd to which the Wolves could only muster 1. We continued to score 2 in the next innings with Willy scoring 2 in the 4th. Daniel seemed to tire so we brought in Darcy Mills who had waited so patiently on the bench to enter the game and we promptly gave up 4 unearned runs to finish with a score line of 12-7.

It was a good all round performance, but again errors were our downfall.

Batting details are:

Hits & rbi (): Brad Synnot single, Dean Sharples single, Jimmy Furhmann 2 dbls (2), Ron Von Feldon 2 dbls (2), Luke Bride single (1), Philippe Aslanis single & dbl (3), Riley Hill (1), Marcin Niepostyn (1).

A special thanks to Wendy Synnot for scoring and Judy Hill for keeping her company. This week we are home to St. Kilda, see you there at 2.15.


Sixths (7) defeated by Essendon (22)

B-Team hosted Footscray in another home game at Merri Park No. 2, this time in much more pleasant weather.

The now all too common bad innings happened first up this week, with Footscray scoring 13 in the first dig. On another day Curtis “John” Hancock, pitching his first game the seniors, could have gone 3 innings and given up a handful of runs. However a number of untimely fielding errors really hurt on the scoreboard, and saw Curtis called on to throw more pitches than Iron Mike is expected to throw in half an hour.

To our credit, B-Team fought back hard with 6 runs of our own in the bottom of the first with some patient batting and solid base running. From there scores remained level after each innings, with 3 added in the second and 4 in the fourth. Errors and unearned run (5 apiece) were almost the difference in the score line – without the slow start B-Team could have been well on the way to our first win.

Darren “Up” Hill pitched a very solid 1 2/3 innings following Curtis, before Brett “Bondi” Bennell made the call to the bullpen and brought on Brett “Bondi” Bennell to close. Unfortunately the few days R&R working in Sydney saw Brett unable to repeat his stellar performance of Round 3 – including a hanging curve ball dispatched over centre field for a home run.

Special mention to Darren, Dutch and Matt for each batting 3 runs in.


Hits: Ryan Bartlett 1, Dean Perry 1, Darren Hill 2, Joe Filardo 2, James Comisky 1, Matt White 2, Curtis Hancock 1, Mitch Hill 2.

RBIs: Darren Hill 3, Joe Filardo 1, James Comisky 3, Matt White 3, Curtis Hancock 1.

Pitching: Curtis Hancock 1 1/3 inns, 2 K, 5 BB, 11 ER; Darren Hill 1 2/3 inns, 2 Ks, 2 BB, 1 ER; Brett Bennell 1 inn, 0 K, 4 BB, 3 ER.

Stats Leaders – Rounds 1 to 4

After four games almost all batters have registered a hit, most a stolen base and quite a number have batted runs in.


Hits: Joe Filardo 5; RBIs: Joe Filardo, Matt White, Darren Hill 5; Runs: Dean Perry 7; Home Runs: Joe Filardo 1; Base on Balls: Dean Perry 4; Stolen Bases: Dean Perry 4.


Ks: Darren Hill 15.

Dean Perry
on behalf of
Brett Bennell
6ths Manager

Round 3

Thirds (5) defeated by Bonbeach (12)

In a replay of last year’s grand final this week we hosted Berwick. With the 1st & 2nd 9 playing Saturday I had a feeling that this was not going to be a walk in the park. Berwick scored 2 in the top of the 1st before a James Furhmann BOMB, (it landed on the basketball court) levelled it at 2 each, but that was as close as we got.

The Berwick boys came to play and unfortunately a finger injury to Dave Nolten hampered his ability to control the ball. Luke Bride relieved Dave with 2 out in the top of the 2nd, but they had skipped away with timely at bats, we walked 8, and a grand slam put them up 12-2. Luke pitched 2.66 innings conceding 2 hits and 1 walk, another great job by him.

Our hitters were facing a pitcher who has played in a higher grade this year and were not lost in the box facing him, in fact we were only out hit 6-5 we also received 8 walks, 3 to Ron Von Feldon.

I would like to thank Erin Peterson & James Aslanis for umpiring and Wendy Synott who came along to score even though Jnr. was picked in the 2nds.

Hits & rbi () are: Jimmy Furhmann HR (2), Riley Hill single (1), Bill Wright single (1), Daniel Bebbre single.



Sixths (7) defeated by Essendon (22)

B-Team hosted Essendon at Merri Park No. 2, again looking to bring our A game for the whole two hours of baseball. Unfortunately an average wind speed of 50 kmh, gusting to 150 kmh made for a tough day of baseball.

Missing our regular pitcher the depth of our pitching roster was tested. Blake “The Snake” Lombardi pitched into the second innings before James “Irish” Comisky took over for his debut on the mound. Dutch gave his all, but against some quality hitters B-Team were quickly down 15-4 by the bottom of the second.

Defensively, B-Team managed three double plays in what was a more polished display – with a single error and 2 unearned runs.

Dutch worked his way to throw his first two Ks before Brett “Mo” Bennell threw a near faultless 1 2/3 innings to close.

Of particular note offensively was a monster home run hit by Joe “Watch It Go” Filardo, scoring an extra runner with the homer. Dutch was also very aggressive running the bases, stealing second and third on consecutive pitches.


Hits: Blake Lombardi 1, Joe Filardo 2, Matt White 2, Jonathan Higgins 1, Jonathan Higgins 1, James Comisky 1.

RBIs: Blake Lombardi 1, Joe Filardo 2 (1 Home Run), Matt White 2, Jonathan Higgins 1, James Comiskey 2.

Pitching: Blake Lombardi 1 1/3 inns, 1 K, 6 BB, 8 ER; James Comisky 2 inns, 2 Ks, 7 BB, 11 ER; Brett Bennell 1 2/3 inns, 1 K, 1 BB, 1 ER.

Dean Perry
on behalf of
Brett Bennell
6ths Manager

Round 2

Firsts (10) defeated Bonbeach (5)

Daniel Huryn had three RBIs as Fitzroy Lions took home a 10-5 victory over Bonbeach in eight innings at Merri Park on Sunday. He singled in the third, fifth, and eighth innings.

Fitzroy Lions went up for good in the first, scoring one run on an RBI double by Alex Turlea.

Fitzroy Lions scored four runs in the third inning, and then followed it up with four more in the fifth. In the third, Fitzroy Lions scored on an RBI single by Ross Drinkwater, plating Joel Arnott.

Four Bonbeach runs crossed the plate in the top half of the fourth, making the score 5-4. An error, an RBI single by Steven Fox, an error, and a groundout by Micah Burch gave Bonbeach life. Jay Willis to end the Bonbeach threat.

After pushing across one run in the top of the seventh, Bonbeach faced just a 9-5 deficit. A groundout by Mat Prior sparked Bonbeach's rally. Finally, Danny King got Micah to ground out to end the threat.

John Peterson


Reserves (9) defeated Bonbeach (0)

Bonbeach made the long trip north for a rain interrupted game that saw Jordi Hill strike out seven Bluejays in 4 innings of work (can we call him a “rookie sensation” now?). Between Jordi and a slightly rusty Blair, the Lions pitchers kept the Bluejays to nothing but donuts on the day.

Our hitting continued where we left off last week with controlled but aggressive bats. Getting on base three times (stealing second twice) and scoring each time, Blair was a great table-setter for the middle of the order who did not disappoint with 2 scorching doubles to Ryan and 3 hits to Dave, including one cracker of a shot that surely made their second baseman rush off to update his Will immediately after the game.

An odd series of play which saw Patty go from 3 strikes in the batters box to third base without touching the ball helped keep our first inning alive where we scored 3 runs. Following a quick 1-2-3 second inning, we put up a crooked number in the 3rd inning with 5 Lions crossing the plate including RBIs to Heath and Toby.

Whilst Jordi kept the Bonbeach bats quiet, those times they did put the wood on the ball, it was difficult for the Jays for find a gap in the field with good coverage by the Lions outfield including a great running catch by Gabe to end the top of the third with bags loaded . The Jays only other offensive threat occurred in the fourth inning with runners on 1st and 3rd but it was snuffed out with a crisp fielding play by Toby at shortstop.

With a record of 2-0, there would be no Holger Osieck moment this week in the Lion’s reserve team.


  • Dave 3 (1 double), Ryan (2 doubles), Blair (1 double), Heath, Toby


  • Jordan 4 INN, 4 BB, 7 K
  • Blair 1 INN, 1 BB, 1 K

James Hope
Reserves Manager


Thirds (14) defeated Bonbeach (2)

This week we travelled out to a wet and windy Bonbeach. The drive down didn't look promising, but alas we started on time. It didn't take long for things to go pear shaped for the Blue Jays. After 3 batters, all of which reached base, they changed their pitcher who had strained his arm. Then at 1.17 we came off for a 7 minute rain delay which didn't do much to harm us as Jnr Synnot laced the 1st pitch he saw for 1 of his 3 rbis.

In a game which again was dominated by good hitting from us (9), bb (6) and hpb (2), the most dominant player was Luke Bride. Playing and pitching in his 1st game of the season threw a no hitter. It was a great performance from Luke who was in control from the 1st batter he faced. A no hitter is rare, well done Luke. As I said before we hit the ball well and were patient at the plate which shows our training is paying off.

Hits: P. Aslanis (1), J. Furhmann (triple), D. Mills (2 singles), M. Niepostyn (2 singles), B. Synnot (single, dbl, triple).

Rbis: J. Furhmann (1), M. Niepostym (2), B. Synnot (3), R. Von Feldon (1). The other 7 runs were scored on passed balls.

BB & HPB: D. Bebbre (2 & 1), M. Niepostyn (1), B. Synnot (1), Bill Wright (1), Clint Xuereb (1).


This week we are at home on Sunday against Berwick. Game starts at 3.30, so be there at 2.15 ready for 2.30 warm up



P.S. Slab Count (2)


Fourths (7) defeated by St Kilda (10)

A marathon mission on the road to salacious St Kilda leaves the 4th Nine wondering if it was worth the money.

James Aslanis led the way for the newly formed Fitzroy outfit, starting strong on the hill J.A. kept them scoreless in the 1st gave up 1 in the 2nd then a mild lapse in judgment allowed 6 in the 3rd. Marc Heenan closed out the 3rd, shutting the door on a set table.

Daniel Bennett the resident 4 slot hitter closed out the game only giving up 3 runs in the last 2 digs , quashing the St Kilda surge.

Efforts from Riley “Quick Hands” Hill, snaffling a reflex play a third and Amy “I’ll run my own marathon” Collins tracking anything hit at right field reinvigorated our final assault. Connor “Hammer” Whitfield had a wild day with the bat but the damage had already been done and couldn’t we couldn’t get over the line.

A combination of 4 HPBs and 6 BBs secured a win for St Kilda.

We are nowhere near our best yet and plenty more room for improvement. Lets hope our shining lights continue to lead the way and that the ambient mood lighting finds their spark.


  • Singles; M. Perkins, G. Mckeown, C. Whitfield (2), A. Collins, C. De Petro
  • Doubles; A. Collins

Marc Heenan
Fourths Manager


Fifths (9) defeated Research B (8)

Another slow start left the 5ths once more with work to do against Research B.

Grando was on the mound to start again and showed why he is always a serious contender for MVP; striking out 2 in the first, ending his stint with 5. It wasn't until the third that Research got a hit and even then the bleeding was staunched quickly with Fitzroy pitchers only giving up 5 hits for the day.

However, it wasn't just one way traffic. Fitzroy batters were having issues with the flat throwing Research pitcher as well. Whilst not racking up the K count like Grando, the flat trajectory was causing our power hitters to drive long shots into Research's excellent outfielders' hands. At the end of four, only two of our strong batting lineup had hit the ball successfully, Eamon and Henry.

With a pitching change came greater challenges as Marcus "Bring the Filth" Garafilis, our indomitable closer, struggled to find the zone in deplorable conditions. A five run top of the fifth left us with a long road back.

After a stern address from the manager (who didn't record an AB all day) and much consternation about Henry out-hitting nearly everyone present, we sent the bottom of our order out to save the game. Aaron and Sean, our 10th &11th batters, delivered with style and power. A pair of firmly struck singles lighting the Fitzroy tinder and we looked to burn the new Research pitcher. Four hits in a row, a RBI grounder, more hits following on, and even a fielder's interference call that left Alan flying through the air, ended with Todd at 2 out, 2 strikes and the winning run on third. Ignoring all of the pressure, drawing upon all of his will, Todd managed a walk off ball three, as the Research pitcher threw away the game with a wild pitch that scored Henry from 3B.

A narrow win in which we gifted the opposition 10 base-runners, only to be given the winning run ourselves, shows that a lot of work will be needed on our fielding before we meet the powerhouse Research A.

Hits, Henry 2, Blake (2b), Stan, Eamon, Alan, Sean, Aaron. Marcus 3 BB


  • James 4inn 4h 5k 2bb 2runs.
  • Marcus 1inn he'd prefer not to talk about.


Todd Robinson
Fifths Manager


Sixths (8) defeated by Doncaster (13)

B-Team ventured to the ballpark-under-the-gumtrees to take on Doncaster, hoping to go one better than the first round.

Darren “Iron” Hill was again on the mound, with David Jones helping out under the mask, and everyone now having played at least one game of baseball!

B-Team again began well, scoring 4 to Doncaster’s 1 in the first dig. By the bottom of the third things were all square at 5 apiece, before B-Team added another 1 in the top of the 4th which on another day could have been the go ahead run.

Unfortunately the wheels fell off at this point and Doncaster managed to score 8 in the bottom of the 4th. As is often the case with an inexperienced side a couple of errors at the wrong time can really hurt on the scoreboard!

Of note were both Jeff “Call me Joe” Bartels and Brad “Is it still Movember” White going 2 for 3 (Jeff with a whopping 3 RBIs), and Liz “I’m too cool to wear a helmet when I run” Butterfield getting both a base hit and then a stolen base before being cruelly thrown out by a small margin at home plate.

Hits: Shane Bennell 2, Brett Bennell 1, Dean Perry 2, Darren Hill 1, Jeff Bartels 2, Liz Butterfield 1, Brad White 2.

RBIs: Brett Bennell 2, Darren Hill 1, Jeff Bartels 3, Brad White 1.

Pitching: Darren Hill 4 inns / 93 pitches, 4 Ks, 2 BB, 9 ER.

Dean Perry
on behalf of
Brett Bennell
6ths Manager

Round 1

Firsts (4) defeated by Moorabbin (6)

Fitzroy Lions lost the ballgame after losing the lead in the seventh inning Sunday, as Moorabbin grabbed a 6-4 victory at A W Oliver Reserve, Moorabbin.

Carl Wilson went a perfect 2-2 at the plate for Fitzroy Lions. He singled in the seventh and ninth innings.

Andrew Dewar recorded the win for Moorabbin. He allowed one run over five innings. Andrew Dewar struck out four, walked seven and gave up four hits.

In the top of the second, Fitzroy Lions grabbed the early lead, 1-0. A triple by Daniel Huryn, plating Carl started the inning off. Moorabbin went up for good in the seventh, scoring one run on a groundout by Ben Laux.

Moorabbin increased its lead with three runs in the eighth. A error scored Andrew Katz to start the scoring in the inning.

A two-run ninth inning helped bring Fitzroy Lions within two. An RBI single by Danny King and a walk by Tony King gave Fitzroy Lions life. Brad Adams got the last out, as Fitzroy Lions' Joel Arnott flew out.

John Peterson


Seconds (6) defeated Moorabbin (3)

Travelling to Moorabbin, Fitzroy took on a potent Panther team. The Panthers put an experienced chucker on the mound in Lindsay Webb and supported him well with a number of dangerous bats.

The Fitzroy team was not, however, daunted by our opponent. Debuting in the Lions reserve team, pitcher Jordan Hill was highly effective on the hill for the Lions giving up only 2 hits and 1 run over 3 innings while striking out 3 in the process.

Hits were rare as hen’s teeth in a game dominated by pitching. The Lions did not get their first hit until 5th inning when Damien Preston plated a run with a single to left. Before Presty’s hit the table was set with walks to our 8 and 9 hitters Tom and Toby (both juniors) who showed great poise against the Panthers hard throwing righty who had started to show signs that his control was slipping. Mitchell Ryan then came to the plate and turned the game with a tremendous 13 pitch battle which started with 2 strikes but ended up another walk. Blair then accepted another BB to force in a run which, after an out, was followed by Presty’s hit. Walks to Gabe and Dave Andrews (an 8 pitch at bat) and a nice line drive to Billy into right field were followed by a run scoring groundout to Toby. In all, we plated 12 batters in the 5th inning to score 6 runs and take a lead of 6-1.

The Lions pitching was a brotherly affair with Riley Hill coming on to relieve Jordan. Moorabbin scored twice against Riley (who was also making his 2nds debut pitching effort) but, with some heads-up infield help from Presty who caught a runner over-extending at second base on a relay play, Riley shut the door for a 6-3 win against a very solid Panther team.

The only blackspot for the game was an ugly (but entirely unintentional) injury to Dean Sharples who received a set of spikes to his hand diving back to first base. We hope he recovers quickly and retakes his place in the Lions batting order.

Hits: Damien and Billy, 1 each (Blair, Gabe, Toby and Tom drew a pair of walks each to help keep runners on base)

Pitching: Jordan – 3INN, 2H, 2BB, 1ER

Riley – 2INN, 3H, 3BB, 2ER

Result: Fitzroy win 6-3

James Hope


Thirds defeated Moorabbin

Welcome to another season of Summer Baseball. In round 1 we hosted Moorabbin, with a very strong team and a few new faces. It didn't take long to establish a 10-0 lead considering their guy walked 11 of us for the match. James Aslanis was great on the hill conceding only 2 runs in his 3.2 innings. James allowed 2 hits, struck out 3, conceded 1 bb but hit 5 Moorabbin batters. After 3.2 innings he was relieved by Dave Nolten who struck 2 in his 1.1 inning of work.

Our discipline at the plate was great as I said we were issued 11 bb to go along with out 12 hits, (11 singles and 1 BOOMING hr by new boy Luke McLean). Also it was Brad Synnot's 1st senior game and he held his head up high, completing 2 dp with Bill Wright. Connor Whitfield also made his debut in the 3rds and handled himself well.        Hits and RBI follow:

Hits: Brad Synnot  2 singles, Bill Wright single, Jimmy Furhmann single, Luke McLean single, hr, Darcy Mills  2 singles, Dave Nolten single, Phillepe Aslanis single, Marcin Niepostyn 2 singles.

RBI: Brad Synnot (3), Brad Sharples (2),  Jimmy Furhmann (1), Luke McLean (5), Darcy Mills (3), Dave Nolten (1), Clint Xuereb (1)

Next week we are at Bonbeach and it is an early game. 1pm start, so please be ther by 11.45 to begin warm up at 12 noon.

Tony Bullen.

P.S. Slab Count (1)


Sixths (6) defeated by Fifths (12)

B-Team, featuring no less than two people playing their first game ever and a number playing their first game for Fitzroy made the trek across the green grass to Merri Park No.2 to take on the might of the establishment (AKA Todd’s A-Team).

Darren “Ant” Hill was entrusted with pitching duties (perhaps after a quick whip around pre-match revealed no other pitchers), with Anonymous catching.

B-Team began well, scoring 5 to 1 in the first, but from there A-Team was allowed to score another 11 runs before finally getting another run in the bottom of the 5th.

Special mentions to both Jeff and Brad for getting through their first game of baseball – a game which had a bit of everything with a balk, a run down play, and a fly ball that took out a low flying aircraft causing our trusty shortstop to put down an otherwise straightforward chance.

Hits: Shane Bennell 1, Ryan Bartlett 2, Joe Filardo 1, Darren Hill 1.

RBIs: Brett Bennell 1, Dean Perry 1, Joe Filardo 2, Darren Hill 1.

Pitching: Darren Hill 5 inns / 114 pitches, 9 Ks, 4 BB, 8 ER.

Dean Perry
on behalf of
Brett Bennell
6ths Manager