On Track

On Track is an athletic skills development program that will provide all children with increased instruction, practise opportunities and motivation.

The program focuses on the fundamental motor skills, all the way through to the athletic skills.

Children will participate in games, activities and drills that will help them develop their athletic skills for competing in all events.

The U6 and U7 athletes will participate in the On Track program once per week for approximately 25 minutes in addition to competing in 3 events - one run, one jump and one throw.

What do Kids want?

Available evidence confirms children want:

  • Active participation   

  • To learn and improve

  • To have fun

  • To experience excitement

Competition is ranked low on children’s priority list.

Andrea Kewish

Coaching Coordinator


On Track Leaders for 2015/2016 Season -

Zach McCasker, Keely Henderson, Larissa Cullen, Leah McIntosh, Vaheni Sivakumar, Lachlan Lamb, Joel Rowe and Shania Murray.