Summer Track and Field 2022-2023 Results

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Event Award Champions

2022/2023 Event award lists.

2021/2022 Event award lists.

2020/2021 Event award lists.

2019/2020 Event award lists.

2018/2019 Event award lists.

2017/2018 Event award lists.

2016/2017 Event award lists.

2015/2016 Event award lists.

2014/2015 Event award lists.


Whittlesea City Multis results

2022 WC Multis results - GirlsBoysMulticlass

2021 WC Multis results - Girls, Boys, Multiclass

2020 WC Multis results - Girls or Boys

2019 WC Multis results - Girls or Boys

2018 WC Multis results - Girls or Boys

2017 WC Multis results - Girls or Boys

2016 WC Multis results - Girls or Boys

2015 WC Multis results - Girls or Boys

2014 WC Multis results

Whittlesea City Plate Results

2014 WC Plate Results

2015 WC Plate Results

2016 WC Plate Results

2017 WC Plate Results

2018 WC Plate Results

2019 WC Plate Results

2021 WC Plate Results