Beginning in Archery


Beginners courses are usually held over three consecutive Saturday mornings, each session being of two hours duration. Classes are conducted by Coaches accredited by Archery Australia and equipment is supplied by the Club. Should there be a weekend where a Saturday is not availble the lesson will be held on a Sunday of the same weekend.

Courses are held every month, usually on Saturdays, 9:30am - 11:30pm numbers and weather permitting.

Refer to the Contact Us page on this website.

Non-Credit/Debit card online applications (including cheque, Bank Transfer & EFT) can be completed using the online form. (But you will have to send an email to the Club confirming the payment details - acceptance into the course cannot be guaranteed until payments have been processed and accepted.)

For Credit/Debit card transactions, acceptance into the course is immediate upon completion of the transaction. (If the course is full, you will receive a message that you cannot make application for the course and will have to choose another course.)

Once you have filled in and submitted an application, either online (non-credit/debit card) or paper, you will be contacted and offered a place in the next available course and if this is accepted you will be given the relevant information.

On successful completion of the course, you will be eligible to apply for Club membership.

Current Course Fees:

  • Single applicant $125.00

NOTE: 8 years is the minimum age for this course.

Making Application

Apply online - see "Training Courses - Dates" opposite >>>>>>>

or make application the old-fashioned way; download the application form by CLICKING HERE

Courses have limited places and quickly fill. Contact the co-ordinator prior to sending your paper form, to find out which course(s) is available.


Training Courses - Dates