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Angel Archers is affiliated with Archery Victoria (AV), Archery Australia (AA) and internationally with World Archery (WA).

Regular access to the club is from about 9.30 am to 4.00 pm Saturdays (3rd Saturday of each month the ground is closed due to the Gun Club being used) and to 1.00 pm on Sundays. If you have any questions, our Coaching Staff and Committee Members would be happy to provide you with more specific information.


Coaching is available for beginners and experienced archers of recurve, longbow and compound bow styles.

New archers (who have not been registered with Archery Australia previously) are required to attend an introductory course which covers basic shooting, etiquette and safety.

A fee is charged for the course and all the equipment is provided - see Beginning in Archery for details of the next coaching course and how to book. Beginner courses are held on Saturday mornings. Archers, no matter how experienced, never stop learning!

Our coaches and senior archers are happy to assist in helping archers at all levels.

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Annual membership to Angel Archers offers archers the opportunity to shoot at all inter-club, state, national and international WA tournaments. Membership also provides public liability insurance cover to all archers.

Archers affiliated with another AA registered club who wish to shoot on a more than one-off arranagement are welcome to join Angel Archers as Associate Members for $100.00 per year plus a weekly shooting fee as below.   Associate members have the same rights and responsibilities as full members of Angel Archers.

On top of the annual membership fee, archers pay a per week shooting fee at Angel Archers as follows:

Weekly Shooting Fees (Correct as at 30 June, 2019)
  Adult Junior
Associate per Visit
$5 pv
$5 pv
Visitor (per session) $10 $10

Please note: if you are applying for membership for the first time, your application to join is subject to approval by the Club.... until then, you cannot expect to have, nor have, any rights as a member of Angel Archers, Archery Victoria or Archery Australia. Once the membership is approved, you will be issued with a membership card, which you must carry at all times.


Second hand gear is available from time to time. Angel Archers can advise you on new equipment best suited to you and where to get it. Whatever your preference, don't buy any equipment before speaking to us first and certainly not before having undertaken the Instruction Course.


Membership of Angel Archers entitles you to shoot on an unrestricted basis - programmed shoots are held on Saturdays from 1.00 pm

As a member, you are able to practice at any other time.

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If you are a member of an Archery Australia affiliated Club (anywhere in Australia) and looking to transfer your current membership to Angel Archers, please Contact Us to arrange the transfer.

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