Level 3 Accreditation


National competition.  For competent scorers with the desire to advance to National scoring standard equipping them with more advanced knowledge and solid understanding of the rules of baseball scoring enabling them to confidently participate and adjudicate at National level.  These scorers will be eligible to apply for National scoring appointments; facilitate Level O and 1 instruction.



  • Endorsement by State Scoring Organisation
  • Attend Level 3 Accreditation Clinics
  • Receipt of application form and fee
  • Maintain financial membership
  • Must have held Level 2 Accreditation for minimum of 2 years
  • Maintain Log Book for 2 years after receiving Level 2 Accreditation



  • Open rule book examination
  • Individual Pass Level – 85%
  • Supplementary five (5) question exam for 80-84.9% (with 100% score required for pass)
  • In the event of a Candidate being unsuccessful they may re-sit the exam once more after a twelve (12) week interval within the testing period 1st September to 30th April


Qualification For ….

  • Team appointed Scorer at official ABF tournament
  • Tournament Scorers Coordinator (TSC) for an intra-state tournament including schoolboys, university and visiting youth / friendship tournaments
  • To facilitate Level O and Level 1 Accreditations


++ Game Scorer at National Tournaments

++ Upon application to CABS, more experienced Level 3 Scorers may be identified and subsequently qualify for further training with a view to participating as a Chief Scorer - manual / hard copy system only - at National Tournaments


To Retain Level

  • Maintain financial membership with CABS
  • Proof of regular active scoring at Club / school level to be provided by completion of scoring log book including proof of preparation of season / tournament statistical records
  • Demonstrate facilitation involvement of Level 0 and Level 1 Accreditation


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