Level 1 Accreditation


Club / school level up to but not including top division / grade.  For persons wishing to score on a more regular basis, expanding their scoring ability and knowledge of scoring techniques whilst complying with the rules of baseball scoring including -: scoresheet competency, symbols, introduction to colours and basic statistics, interpretations eg Wild Pitch / Passed Ball, Hit / Error.



  • Endorsement by State Scoring Organisation
  • Attend Level 1 Accreditation Clinics
  • Receipt of application form and fee
  • Maintain financial membership



  • Open rule book examination in conjunction with assessment using a practical test video
  • Individual Pass Level – 80%
  • Supplementary five (5) question exam for 75-79.9% (with 100% score required for pass)
  • In the event of a Candidate being unsuccessful they may re-sit the exam once more after a twelve (12) week
     interval within the testing period 1st September to 30th April


Qualification For ….

  • Score Club / school level up to but not including State / Territory’s highest level


To Retain Level

  • Maintain financial membership with CABS
  • Proof of regular active scoring at Club / school level to be provided by completion of scoring log book


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