Examination overview

Please remain mindful that whilst this is a very general overview of the accreditation exam process, specific criterion for each aspect of each Level is documented.



  • With the exception of Level 0, a formal written exam is a component for all Levels (Levels IT and 4 IT inclusive).
  • The content of the exams becomes more complex, in line with the level of understanding required for each of the higher levels.

NOTE – For Levels 1, 2, IT and 3 - In the event of a Candidate being unsuccessful they may re-sit the exam once more after a twelve (12) week interval within the testing period 1st September to 30th April.


 All applicants must pass the written exam before progressing to the Practical test.



  • Level 0 applicants need only demonstrate a basic understanding of how to score a game, using the correct symbols.  As a general guide, Scorers need to be able to correctly record outs and runs scored; maintain cumulative runs total, make batting, fielding and pitching substitutions; differentiate between hits and errors (basic); maintain pitch counts; complete an official result sheet.

(The majority of Scorers who have scored a season of live-ball should be able to successfully sit for Level 0.)

  • Level 1 - formal practical assessment, i.e. scoring a live game with a facilitator.
  • Level IT – demonstrated practical assessment at the conclusion of the written exam, followed by a formal live game practical assessment.
  • Levels 4 and 4IT – Practical Assessment will be conducted during a National tournament by CABS Technical Commissioner or their nominated representative.


NOTE - Assessment at each level is based on the increasing level of understanding required for each of the higher levels.


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