Scoring questions and the interpretation panel


We have two members on the Interpretation Panel -:


Sue McCullough           0419 497 549 - NSWBSA Interpretation Panel


Perhaps you need to know how to score a play.

Maybe, an Umpire’s call has you bewildered

Has something you heard ‘on the grapevine’ confused you ?

Are you learning game by game, picking it up as you go ?

Can’t find a Rule ?

Need help with the interpretation of a Rule ?

Possibly you just need confirmation of something you already know. (A confidence boost – it’s good for the soul)

Occasionally two Scorers just cannot agree.


Whatever it is you need to know.

REMEMBER – if you don’t know, or if you’re not sure, it isn’t a silly question !!

Some suggestions -:    Colours and Symbols

How to score a play

The value of a Hit

Was it a Wild Pitch or a Passed Ball ?

Caught Stealing


Earned and Unearned Runs

Substitutions – Batters, Runners, Pitchers, Catchers


Who gets the Assist ?

Designated Hitters

Win, Loss or Save ?

This list is a guide ONLY.

- If your question doesn’t fall into a ‘category’ above – you still need to ask.


The best time to ask ? ….. That’s entirely up to you -:

Right after the game.

When you get home and catch your breath.

After you’ve had time to think about it for a few days.

When you remember you were going to ask, but forgot (as we do !!).

When you think you have the answer, but aren’t sure.


Phone or email, we’ll let you decide.  What’s important is that we answer your questions.

Give us a call - we may well be able to answer your question over the phone

If it’s a bit tricky or lengthy, you may find it easier to put it in an email.

(Sometimes it does help to write it out then read over it).

You may like to attach a copy of the game from the Score Book

(Not compulsory but it’s always an option. Whatever helps, right ?)


Don’t forget we dedicate time for ‘Scoring Questions’ at our Monthly Meetings.

Latest scoring question and answers here


1. If a pitcher pitched in 5 innings but due to auto outs only had 12 outs instead of 15. Do you still count that the innings pitched was 5 or should the inning pitched be 4 as if there is a pitching change after the 1st out in an innings (where we say they pitched 1/3 of that particular innings)?


Automatic outs are generally a competition rule. As such they do count as an out as it is not the pitcher’s fault that the other team has fewer players and thus resulting in an automatic out. In this case your pitcher has still pitched the 5 innings/15 outs.

2. How do you calculate the era for a particular pitcher who gives up 6 runs prior to an out being made and then they are changed for another pitcher? Using the calculation in the rule book I keep getting zero as the ERA. In= 0 and ER = 6 (6*9)/0


After looking up the rule, a pitcher participating in 0 innings, no matter how you do the sums, he ends up with an ERA of zero. ERA is generally used as a season statistic so you will need to calculate the stats over a season or tournament, adding the 6 runs to his total of runs for the innings pitched over the season/tournament. It is a fantastic question that we don’t think has been talked about before at any training clinics - we are used to adding totals to existing totals to update existing stats.


click here for the other question and answer document

Myths, Rumours and Bizarre Quotes

We are all aware that there is a lot of misinformation ‘out there’, making it difficult for novice and less experienced Scorers alike.

So this page is dedicated to taking what comes ‘out of left field’, putting it all together in one place (here) and dealing with it (here).

If you here any weird and wonderful snippets of ‘advice’, ‘instruction’, myths, rumours or bizaree explanations, let us know and we’ll try to set the record straight – here.

There are a couple of rules :-

Rule 1    they must be factual – things Scorers are actually hearing or being told at games.

Rule 2    genuine scoring questions will not be included here – they will continue to appear int he Questions and Answers page

Here are a couple to start the ball rolling

1.“...with the new scoring rules, all the runs are now YELLOW...”

  • WRONG – yellow isn’t even one of our scoring colours.

2.“’s [a walk] not BB anymore it’s B4...”

  • WRONG – Base on Balls is still recorded as BB

3.“...Scorers cannot tell the Umpire the score (the Umpire shouldn’t be asking the score..."

  • WRONG – the Umpire needs to know the score so he knows when the game ends.
  • He need to know if the ‘Home’ side is ahed or behind so he can decide whether or not they need to bat in the bottom of the dig
  • If they do need to bat, then he will know the winning run is scored.
  • This is especially true for time limited games
  • Remember also, if there is a score board at the field he could see the score for himself and he wouldn’t need to ask


If you have something to share, please take a moment to send us an email