Confused about Accreditation ?

- Can’t get your head around it ?  (Too much information to sift through ?)

- Not sure how to go about it ?

- Heard some ugly rumours ?

- Not sure if you’re ready ?

Here we cut to the chase and outline all you need to know about each Level.

  • Pre-requisites

  • Requirements

  • Examination process – Practical and Theory

First and foremost, applicants must be financial members of their state scoring associations and, in turn, CABS.

  • CABS membership fee is included in the NSWBSA membership fee and we maintain CABS membership for all our members.

  • Financial membership must be maintained in order to maintain accreditation.

States and Territories are responsible for preparing their member Scorers for each Level by conducting Accreditation Clinics and organising the examination process – both theory and practical.

  • States and territories are responsible for examining and marking of Levels 0, 1 and 2.  The results of these Levels are reported back to CABS, who will formally acknowledge successful applicants.

  • Exams for Levels 3 and above are still organised by the states and territories but are reported back to CABS for final marking and results.  Again, CABS will formally acknowledge successful applicants.

Once accredited, Scorers are provided with Log Books in which they maintain a formal record of on-going experience.

  • Log Books are checked and signed off annually by the states.

  • Scorers are required to present their Log Books annually.

  •  Let’s be clear about Log Books – they are not a test or a trick.  They are a record of on-going active involvement and experience – pure and simple !!

Accreditations are held bi-annually in April and November.

  • The April and November rounds are held nationally, i.e. all Scorers from all states and territories sit for their accreditations at the same time.

  • The same exam is undertaken nationally.

  • CABS prepare the exams and forward to the states and territories.

 Applicants must attend Accreditation Clinics prior to sitting for the various Levels.

  • Accreditation Clinics are conducted by NSWBSA and are advertised on the website.

  • Please check the calendar events for dates, times and venues of up-coming Accreditation Clinics.

  • A copy of Accreditation Clinic attendance is forwarded to CABS


  • Benefits of becoming an accredited scorer

    There are many benefits to becoming an accredited scorer including that it:

  • Gives credibility to the role of scoring and makes it more than a "hobby"

  • Provides a defined pathway for improvement

  • Offers an opportunity to become registered and accredited under the NOAS scheme

  • Encourages professional standards

  • Presents opportunities for tournament selection and travel at state, national and international levels

  • Provides a sense of personal achievement

  • Social benefits, friendships

  • .