NSW Baseball Scorers Association Executive committee

President -:                    Vera Bonham

Vice President -:           Kaye Cooper

Secretary -:                   Janine Hunt - NSWBSA Secretary

Treasurer -:                    Robyn Turton


Interpretation Panel -:

Sue McCullough - 0419 497 549 - NSWBSA Interpretation Panel

Vera Bonham - 0412 512 580- 

A copy of the Constitution can be found here


Objectives of the NSW Baseball Scorers Association

The objectives of the NSW Baseball Scorers Association are:

  • To recruit and train Scorers
  • To improve the quality of existing scorers by providing training and assistance where required
  • To improve the stature of Scorers
  • To promote close relationships with the NSW Baseball League and kindred Associations for the good of the game and benefit of Scorers
  • To apply the laws of the game as set down by international and local authorities
  • To encourage uniformity of interpretation of the official, Scorers and all associated bodies
  • To seek and maintain affiliation with approved State and/or National Scorers Associations
  • To assist or take action as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee for and on behalf of any member unfairly or unjustly treated and to lodge any appeals to a higher authority
  • To assist other Associations where applicable
  • To conduct examinations and accreditations as to knowledge and interpretation of the laws of the game

Who or what is CABS???

‘CABS’ is the acronym for Council of Australian Baseball Scorers. www.scorers.baseball.com.au

Our National scoring body, CABS formed in March 2002 at the behest of the Australian Baseball Federation (ABF).

CABS implemented a nationally recognized development program, accreditation system and standardized scoring system which, throughout Australia, ensures -:

  • Uniformity of interpretations

  • Uniformity of teachings

  • Minimum standards for scorekeeping

As of June 30th 2003, The National scoring accreditation system replaced all previously existing accreditation systems.

NSW Baseball Scorers Association embraces the National scoring system, as well as the standardized accreditation system.

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