Welcome to the NSW Baseball Scorers Association

The objectives of the NSW Baseball Scorers Association are:

To recruit and train Scorers
To improve the quality of existing scorers by providing training and assistance where required
To improve the stature of Scorers
To promote close relationships with the NSW Baseball League and kindred Associations for the good of the game and benefit of Scorers
To apply the laws of the game as set down by international and local authorities
To encourage uniformity of interpretation of the official, Scorers and all associated bodies
To seek and maintain affiliation with approved State and/or National Scorers Associations
To assist or take action as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee for and on behalf of any member unfairly or unjustly treated and to lodge any appeals to a higher authority
To assist other Associations where applicable
To conduct examinations and accreditations as to knowledge and interpretation of the laws of the game

Want to learn how to score??'

Want to learn how to score??'

or maybe you have been scoring for a while and want to further your scoring portfolio and are thinking about accreditation

send us an email at jhunt2502@yahoo.com and we can point you in the right direction

Welcome to the website of the NSW Baseball Scorers Association

We are currently rebuilding the site, so please keep checking back to see how we are faring


There is a photo section where I have been loading some photos that I have collected. As I get interesting photos I will put them here.

Congratulations Jeanette Irwin - our new Technical Commissioner

The CABS Technical Commission is the recognised BA authority for clarification, consultation and adjudication on baseball scoring technical issues and consists of three Technical Commissioner appointed on a rotating basis.

Jeanette Irwin was recently nominated to be the NSW representative and NSW Baseball Scorers sends their congratulations to Jeanette on her appointment.


National News

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Next Meeting


Monday 31 October 2022

General Meeting

via zoom


Are your contact details current?

We send meeting notices and scoring invitations to all our members via email but we are getting a lot of rejections  -  emails that is  :-)

If you are not getting emails from us but wish to do so, please contact the NSWBSA Secretary and we will update your contact details.