Club Shoots & Beginner Courses

Please note - all scheduled shoots & working bees are CANCELLED until 1 May, 2020 at the earliest.

Please check this website for updates


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Generally, all Saturday Club shoots comence at 1.30 pm,

except for 28 target field rounds, which will commence at 12.30 pm.

bow rack


11/04/2020 24t Field, 1.30 pm - CANCELLED
11/04/2020 Beginners Course ~Saturday - 3rd session, 8.45 am - CANCELLED
18/04/2020 24t Field, 1.30 pm - CANCELLED
25/04/2020 24t Field, 1.30 pm - CANCELLED
02/05/2020 24t Field (H/cap & QRE), 1.30 pm
09/05/2020 28t National Hunters, 12.30 pm (Day 1, Club Championships) (Target round for Novices)
09/05/2020 Beginners Course ~Saturday - 1st session, 8.45 am (FULL) - TO BE ADVISED
16/05/2020 24t Field, 1.30 pm
16/05/2020 Beginners Course ~Saturday - 2nd session, 8.45 am
23/05/2020 24t Field, 1.30 pm

Social & Other

Hot Weather Policy

If the forecast temperature for Adelaide is 36oC or higher, official shooting will not commence before 2.30 pm.

If the Fire Danger Rating is forecast as Extreme or Catastrophic, the Club is closed.

If the Shepherds Hill Recreation Park is closed because of a Total Fire Ban, the programmed event will be postponed or abandoned.

See also "Park Closures" on the Home page.