Each Division will appoint a COVID officer that attends EVERY session. 

1 – Each training session for each division needs to be documented with the template and submitted to the Club


A clipboard in the tunnels and have people sign in throughout the week, then if we have it submitted at the end of each week?

2 – The following COVID posters will be displayed in the tunnels, changerooms, mens/ladies toilets and canteen


3 –We will install hand sanitiser in those areas as well

4 – Per Baseball NSW - the Club will only provide balls this season – no kits, helmets, bats, catchers gear etc. Players must provide (and not share) their own equipment

Baseball NSW COVID documents


At a minimum there shall be adherence as per the above referred NSW Department of Health Public Order Guidelines;

Please refer to revised ‘BNSW Return to Competition Plan’
No restriction on how many registered members may gather
Clubs and Associations are still required to retain an attendance Checklist of all registered members present at any facility

This does not apply to spectators

There will be NO restricted Activity Zones
Change rooms and toilets will be available for use

Baseball NSW wish to further remind our members to continue to adhere to the current Public Health Order and follow the prescribed procedures which include social distancing, practicing good personal hygiene, and continuing to complete the attendance checklists at all training sessions.
NSW Office of Sport
NSW Government