UPDATE SATURDAY 21st January, 2021


Based on current update from NSW Health and the NSW Government, the club will be open as normal.

For those who are coming to shoot the following rules will apply:

  • Members must wear masks whilst
  •             - in the butt and club rooms (minimum of 2 people in these rooms at any one time)
  •             - Masks can be removed whilst shooting, and walking around the club
  •  Physical Distancing of at least 1.5 meters must be maintained
  • Three archers can shoot on any one target.
  •  Archers must pull own arrows
  •  Members must register to shoot via Archers Diary ( before arriving at the club (you cannot just turn up, if you are uncertain how to do this, please let us know).  Registrations on Saturday will close at 8.20am to allow the ground crew to set up for the day.
  •  On arrival allocate yourselves to a target (using own pen, and hand sanitise), we also request that members also bring along their own sanitiser.
  •  Proceed to put out your target, before putting together your equipment. Archer should then go directly to that target, set up their equipment behind the shooting line and not leave equipment lying around anywhere else.
  •  Shooting member can act as Director of Shooting (DOS).
  •  Be mindful that we need to start on time.
  •  More than 1 spectator (not shooting) may attend the club, if 1.5 meters can be maintained between people who are not from the same household, they must register on arrival. There is a QR code at the club that you can use to register - Code is 0000 – alternatively register your attendance here if you don't have a QR scanner.  This link/QR code is an alternative to signing the Registration book.  You must still register for the shoot on Archer's Diary prior to shooting.

A Committee Member will be allocated each Saturday & Sunday to ensure that rules are adhered to.

Session 1 - 8.15-8.45 registration & set up, 9.00am shooting.  Handicap events will only apply to the a.m session
Session 2 - 11.30 registration with shooting commencing at 12 noon until round completed.

During school holidays we can use the facilities every day for training. Members who have keys can come and go as they please, but we must observe the above points/rules.

At this point in time we have scheduled a round for Mondays and Wednesdays only – again members are free to go down and shoot the round by registering online.

Any member that does not abide by the above, may have their access to the club curtailed.
If there are any other Covid related changes, further updates will be sent out.

Keep safe everyone, and look forward to seeing you at the club.

Please obey the directives from NSW Health and refer to the current guidelines and updates here.  

Don't forget to have a look at our Facebook page for updates!

We have a new COVID-19 Update page on our website , under "Club News".  Please visit it regularly for updates related to Club Activities during the COVID-19 Restriction period.

Important notice:

  • If members are sick they should not book themselves in for a session nor attend the club to have a look around. 
  • If you are not registered to shoot, please do not come down to the club as we need to control the number of people at the ground
  • Download the Covid safe app


Signage on Display:

·         There will be a sign on entry indicating – Archery in progress, No Visitors allowed.

·         Health guidelines will be placed in the club rooms, please ensure hygiene is high on your priorities.


Please obey the directives from NSW Health and refer to the current guidelines and updates here