UPDATE Thursday 21st October, 2021


For us to be able to offer these extra shooting days, all members MUST abide by the club’s COVID plan, which is:

  • The club is only open to those members who are fully vaccinated, or as per current health guidelines. If you have any queries please send an email to the club President to clarify 
  • On arrival you will be required to Sign in via QR code (this is a requirement within all facilities state-wide).
  • Proof of vaccination will be required to enter club grounds, either via Certificate on phone Medicare App and/or sighting your Completion of Vaccination paperwork. 
  • Members will be required to register on-line prior to attending the club and registrations will close off at 5.00 pm the previous day, so that target allocations can be undertaken (We understand this is short notice for this week, but please see if you can comply).  Rules have been changing daily
  • Sanitise on arrival, we also request that each archer brings along their own sanitization.
  • Face Masks will be required if you enter the club rooms, but not required while shooting.
  • Archers are to go directly to their target, set up their equipment at that target. Archers should not leave equipment everywhere,
  • There is no use of club equipment, so bow stringers etc, members must have. 
  • Pre-map will be set up to show where targets are placed.
  • No visitors allowed.  Our preference is for parents to drop of members and then collect once session completed.  If you are required to stay, there will be a waiting line identified.
  • There will be a shooting line / waiting line, once members have shot, they should remove to the waiting line (this does prepare the members for when regular club shooting commences).
  • If you need to go to the toilet, you need to be fully masked. 
  • No one will have access to the Coaches room, unless accompanied by a coach, and masks will be required to be worn.
  • If you enter the club rooms, you need to ensure that you maintain appropriate social distancing – 1 person per 2 sq Meters

Training nights:

  • The first person to arrive is required to open up club rooms and set up the Registration Desk/QR code.
  • Furthest distance shot should be closest to club rooms, if you are shooting a smaller range round, please give some thought as to where you place your target on the field of play.
  • Where possible try to shoot at least 2 per target, if more than 10 targets are required, then we will need to shoot to a common whistle.



Please obey the directives from NSW Health and refer to the current guidelines and updates here.  

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Important notice:

  • If members are sick they should not book themselves in for a session nor attend the club to have a look around. 
  • If you are not registered to shoot, please do not come down to the club as we need to control the number of people at the ground
  • Download the Covid safe app


Signage on Display:

·         There will be a sign on entry indicating – Archery in progress, No Visitors allowed.

·         Health guidelines will be placed in the club rooms, please ensure hygiene is high on your priorities.


Please obey the directives from NSW Health and refer to the current guidelines and updates here