Junior Trials:

(The following documents explain how the club runs its Junior trial process).

Trial and Selection Protocols: (club and player accountability)

Trial Format: (Age group requirements and Trial Description) 

3m Push/Receive Test: DescriptionSkill Test Data: Kiwisticks

Skill Test Data: Kiwisticks

Skill Test Data: Kwiksticks

Skill Tests:  Junior players complete the following, Star Dribble, Slalom Dribble, Hit Power, Push Power, Push/Receive.


2021 Junior Trial Dates:

Trial Group Date Time and Location

Year 3 / 4


 Saturday 13th March  8am - 10am @ AGS
 Sunday 21st March  9am - 11am @ AGS
 Sunday 28th March  9am - 10am @ AGS

Year 5 / 6


 Saturday 13th March  10am - 12pm @ AGS
 Sunday 21st March  11am - 1pm @ AGS
 Sunday 28th March  10am - 12.30pm @ AGS

Year 7 / 8


 Saturday 13th March  12pm - 2pm @ AGS
 Sunday 21st March  1pm - 3pm @ AGS
 Sunday 28th March  12.30pm - 3pm @ AGS




Selectors who take the job seriously !!!