Fitzroy Junior Program

Junior baseball is an engaging non-contact sport that helps develop life skills such as: teamwork, friendship building, coordination and athleticism. We offer equal opportunities for boys and girls of all ages to learn, live and love the game we here at Fitzroy Baseball Club have been enjoying for over 130 years.

We offer programs for all ages and skill levels, our teams include:

T-Ball Smash: (5-10 years old) Appropriate for entry level players who are looking for a non-contact sporting option which emphasises having fun, making friends and learning new skills. Our coaches and coordinators of T-Ball Smash help each player learn the basics; hitting from a tee, safe throwing techniques, using a glove and baserunning among others.

Highlights for participants include: weekly inclusive T-ball games, an introduction to a positive team based environment, satisfaction in developing unique skills that can also be transferred to other sports and improvements in self-confidence.

Under 12s: (9-12 years old) In this age group players gain the opportunity to get their first true taste of competitive baseball. The main emphases instilled into our U12s include: baseball skills development and refinement, being an active member of a team, practise to hit from live pitching, learning to play specialist roles such as pitcher and catcher and most importantly having fun and enjoying the challenge of competitive team sports.

Highlights for participants include: weekly team training where a number of coaches will offer both group and one-on-one development, weekly home or away games against other organised U12 clubs (a first for many in this age group) and the ability to see their own and the team’s development, competitively and socially throughout a season.

Under 14s and Under 16s: (13-15 years old) These age groups allow established players to further develop their skills, build strength and endurance and develop elements of independence as they begin to understand themselves as a player. It is also a great opportunity for new players to learn the game in an environment which encourages exploration but also refinement of correct batting, throwing/pitching and fielding technique. Players will also start to develop ‘game sense’ and be taught how to read the game of baseball from a situational point of view in addition to furthering their fundamental baseball skills.

Highlights for participants include: opportunities to try out for and compete in representative tournaments, more consistent and satisfying execution of baseball skills and a wider array of competitive game situations and opposition.   

Under 18s: (16-18 years old) U18s is a fantastic opportunity for those who have established their skills in younger age groups or those who are looking for a sport which offers something completely different from those they may have tried before to get a true experience of skilled, competitive baseball. Often seen as a precursor or introduction to Senior level baseball, U18s will develop your skills accordingly. Our aim is to cultivate well-rounded athletes who are confident in their own abilities and role in a team-orientated environment so that they are ready to participate beyond the junior level of the game.

Highlights for participants include: further opportunities to try out and compete in representative baseball, opportunities to train and play at a senior level (playing both juniors and seniors) and development of skills beyond the fundamentals (different types of pitches, different fielding positions, advanced hitting technique and psyche, etc.).

Our home ground is Merri Park in Northcote. Right next to Northcote High School, off St George’s Road. (See Google Map)

T-ball Smash is run on Wednesday nights from 5:30pm - 6:30pm starting with school term 4 and recommencing at the start of term 1. Registration is $70 (including a glove and ball for your child!)

Summer leagues U12s through to U18s is played on Sunday mornings 9am-11am with training held on Wednesday evenings.

To find out more please contact the FBC Junior's Committee via email at

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