History of RLPBC

Research Baseball Club was founded on the 23rd of March 1955 at “Yarramie” Thompson Crescent, Research.

Those present at the foundation meeting included : John J. Goller, John G. Goller, Don Foster, Bob Pittaway, Dave Magee, Leo Hoyt, Graham Taylor, and Ivan Peterson

The first recorded game of baseball was on the 7th May 1955 against Greensborough at Research and the umpire was D. Foster.

The players for Research were :- R. Andrews, J. Brandon, T. Caulfield, J. Downie, P. Evans, G. Mann, B. Mitchell, B. Mullen, I. Peterson, R. Pittaway, and T. Teagle.

K. Brathwaite, D. Foster, J. Goller, D. Magee, B. Pittaway, J. Shortis and R. Smith were also listed as players of the club at the time but were not in the initial line up..

The players for Greensborough were: -  J. Croft, A. Davey, J. Davey, T. Dunlevey, B. Hallett, L. Hoyt, B. Kirkwood, B. Randle, R. Smith, D. Stubley and G. Taylor.