News Letter 1

                          OTAGO CHILDREN'S ATHLETICS                             


The Otago Children’s Athletics Committee looks forward to welcoming all registered athletes in Grades 7 - 14 to participate in the 2019 South Island Colgate Games which will be held at the Caledonian Ground, (the “Cale”), Logan Park, Dunedin.

The Caledonian Ground has a large stand which seats approximately 1000 people and there are grassed areas surrounding the rest of the track. Most of this grassed area is sloped and not suitable for tents

The Track is made from a tartan texture and there are no restrictions on spike types however needle and xmas-tree spikes are considered to give limited traction on this track type.

All warm up areas will be outside the ground so passes-out will be required to enable re-entry to the ground. There will be a separate area for throwing event warm ups and an adult must be present to supervise any athlete in this area. No other area can be used for throwing event warm ups.


South Island Colgate Games 2019 Officials, Volunteer and Gold Team (runners) applications open at…

Accommodation in Dunedin in January is normally readily available although you are advised to book early to secure your beds. There are plenty of accommodation options within 5 minutes by car of the Caledonian Ground. Options available include motels and camping grounds/holiday parks.

With many people leaving Dunedin over this time another option for families is to place an advertisement in the local papers to rent a vacant home.


At this point all information will be sent to the club secretaries as currently listed, or Centre Secretaries for the North Island. Please advise any changes to ensure you receive all communications. Although it is the clubs responsibility to pass on information to its members we will endeavour to post information on the following website.

Other websites for accommodation and information about what you can do while in Dunedin include: