2021 Online Registrations NOW Open


A new system by Sports Club HQ called SportLoMo was introduced in 2020.

After reading through the following if you have any questions or concerns about what you need to do please email our club registrar belmontbaseballrego@gmail.com before you begin/complete your registration.


Please note it will be helpful if you have the following information, if applicable, before you begin to enter your registration:

-        Active Kids Voucher number you wish to redeem for each eligible child

-        If you are over 18, Belmont 16s membership number

-        If you are under 18, your parent/s Belmont 16s membership number/s

-        Working with Children Check number (please include any letters)

-        Coaching accreditation details

-        Credit or debit card


Note: Active Kids Vouchers must be redeemed at time of registration they cannot be accepted later

Life members and head coaches who will be playing please contact our club registrar before you begin your registration.

If you need any help with selecting the correct membership and/or age category please refer to the table on our fees page here

If you have more than one member, especially junior members to register using the same account please complete the full process including payment for each member separately particularly if you are using active kids vouchers.


How to log in to an existing SportLoMo account?

Use this url https://sportsmanager.ie/sportlomo/users/login

and enter your email and password.

You may need to choose a club and/or member depending on your account setup and registration history.


Can’t access an existing SportLoMo account?

A public user is somebody who is logging in to the system to register any member/s. So when you registered for the first time, upon creating the initial "Public User" account, you would have received a verification email, which is a standard verification process. You would have been asked to click a link to verify that account. If you did, all should be good. If you did not, then your account is not yet verified, and you will need to do this prior to registering again. If you simply search for 'Sportlomo' in your email account, you should quickly find the initial verification email. If you are still having trouble, please email our club registrar providing the email address you used, your full name, date of birth and a brief description of what’s not working and we can investigate for you.


Registering in the system for the first time in 2021

Use this link to register



Previously registered in Sportlomo

If you have registered and/or played with Belmont in 2020 then you should have received an email explaining the steps that you need to take now to register for 2021


If you are currently registered with another club and/or association for the 2020-2021 season you will need to complete either a dual membership or transfer to be able to register and play with Belmont in 2021. Log into your account, select your current club then in the box with your member details choose Dual Membership – see below, unless you will not play with that club again in which case choose Start Transfer instead. This option means that you will not be recharged the BA/BNSW capitation fees.

Where do I enter my Active Kids voucher

You can redeem an Active Kids Voucher on the Payment Summary screen before you get to the card details. Please note the maximum you can redeem is $100 but if the total fee payable is less than $100 then that’s what will be redeemed with NO residue.

You must click on the select box in the AKV section and it will change from  

image.png(black tick on white background) to  
image.png(white tick on grey background) before to hit apply.


Simply enter the DOB of the member in DDMM format (do not include year), plus the voucher code as a 16 digit voucher code only.

Once you hit “Apply” please be patient as there is a direct realtime connection to Service NSW to verify and redeem your voucher immediately and you will then pay the discounted fee.

Please DO NOT proceed or enter card details if the total to pay is not correct after you apply your voucher.

Here’s a screenshot so you know what to look for



Training Shirt sizing

If you’re not sure the following sizing charts provided by our supplier may help you.