KidBow & AdBow Programs - Details below apply to a full session of the above program, and not a re-scheduled session.

Warringah Archers is pleased to announce their Kidbow (U20) and Adbow (Adults) programs. 

Kidbow is for those archers U20 (20 years old and younger) and Adbow is for archers 21 years old and older.














Program Details

Registration for the 2021 Season 2 is now open!! .

The Kidbow and Adbow Program commences on 15th August 2021 and finishes on Sunday 21st November 2021.  

The program is held on Sunday mornings from 9am  The timetable is:

-          Register by 8:45am

-          XXXX set up field for competition & archery equipment for the day

-         XXXXX  coaching

-          XXXXX 30 arrow scoring round

-          XXXXX presentation / pack up


Register here now.


Program Cost

Registration fee:  $200 one-off and upfront (non-refundable)

Weekly/per visit fee:  $5 per visit (cash) paid at time of registration (Honour system)

Email: for more information.

Warringah Archers will provide all the equipment necessary for you to take part in the program, and participants will be coached by qualified Archery Instructors.

Remember SLIP, SLOP, SLAP and a hat is a requirement of all paricipants.

Active Kids Voucher

There are two price points (1) Active Kids Voucher - which you bring along with you to the first session, or email to (2) If you don't have an Active Kids Voucher, you will need to pay the full price.